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20 Taper Tooling???

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  • 20 Taper Tooling???

    Has anybody ever heard of 20 taper tooling? I was at my favorite surplus tool supply and found a milling machine arbor with a very small taper mount. It is 7/8" diameter at the gage line, which would probably classify as 20 taper if such a thing existed. It looks just like other NMTB taper mounts and uses 1/4"-20 drawbar thread.

    It is marked Lovejoy Tool Company Inc.
    Jim H.

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    That smaller taper is used on some specialized CNC machines but you wil not find much tooling for it - it is often only sold with the machine (usually to schools and institutions - they show up on Ebay from time to time).

    30 is the smallest common taper available in the real world, 40 and 50 being most common.

    These may also be part of a quick change system and I do believe that Lovejoy had a quick change chuck that used those but i do not know if they zre still available.

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      FWIW, some KO Lee grinding fixtures use a #15 taper.