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  • Thrud progress report.

    It seems our esteemed Mr. Thrud is back among us. I have noticed several thread replies over the last couple days from Thrud. Hopefully this means that Dave has got his new glasses, is over his illness, and is in generally good health. I even noted in one thread replies from both Thrud and Forrest Addy! What more could you ask for? I can't say how much it means to have men this talented share their time with amatures like me here on these machinist boards.

    Thanks guys,


    Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.
    Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.

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    Yes, it's good to see those five wonderful letters again...."T","h","r","u","d"!!!


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      I heartily third that motion!
      I'm a newbie here, but I've done a lot of reading on the archives. That man freely hands out a helluva lot of sound advice and hard-won experience.


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        Just don't mention the words "stainless steel" or "meatloaf" around him. It sends him into overexcitement and convulsions.

        Hi DAVE.........




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          just remember Stainless Steel is much shiner, tastier, and much, much softer than my sisters meatloat,

          Did you Know that they recently used it to form a new type of diamond? Thats right "Nanotube Diamond" thousands of times harder than normal diamond - even cracks diamond anvils under 680 gigapascals of pressure in lab experiments - problem was every time they tried to get near the smell of the meatloaf made them puke...

          The part about the "Nanotube Diamond" is true through - it was recently discovered and published in the phsyics world. The stuff cracked and deformed the diamond anvils in the press used to form it (this has never happened even ONCE before now). They are looking at ways of forming it to use on tooling and other extreme presure uses - it could revolutionize many industries making previously impossible tasks easy now.

          We live in interesting times.

          [This message has been edited by Thrud (edited 11-30-2004).]


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            Hey Dave, does that mean your sister's meatloaf pre-dated Bucky Fuller's postulation of carbon-60?


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              Good to have you back Thrud..

              The Chocolate milk I saved for you is definetly spoiled by now, so I'll go ahead and ship it to you tommorow



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                <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Swarf&Sparks:
                Hey Dave, does that mean your sister's meatloaf pre-dated Bucky Fuller's postulation of carbon-60? </font>
                Well, it is like petrified dinosaur turds, so - I guess it would...

                But I am sure the Dinosaur turds tasted better!

                I realy have to get down there one of these days - I miss that chocky moo. Besides I would like to check out your cable shears up close and personal like...God I love tools!


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                  My door is and always will be open...