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Victor v.s. Harris

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  • Victor v.s. Harris

    What's the difference between Victor and Harris type Acetylene torch? Pros and Cons. Thanks.

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    Most of the people I know who weld use Victor, not sure why. I have a Victor torch and love it.


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      I have a Harris, and while I don't actually love it, I am really quite fond of it.

      Any of the name brands are a good choice.
      Jim H.


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        I have used both. They are both good torches. I have a Harris right now (used) but if I were going to by new I think it would be Victor.

        I don't like Liquid Air or Smiths.
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          I looked and looked at Harris. I talked to the guys at the welding supply shop and they were confused by the variety. One guy try to sell me an alternative gas torch of OxyAcetylene use. It wasn't obvious on the package that the set wasn't for OxyAcetylene.

          I even called Harris 3 times to figure out which pieces worked together for the combination I wanted and got 3 totally different answers.

          I gave up on Harris.

          I looked at the Victor torch sets and picked out one right away. No problem. Comparable cost. And my welding instructor was really gung ho on Victor along with many folks on this board.


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            Victoer has always been the high water mark for others to follow and few if any caught up. There are exceptional torches out there for specific uses such as micro welding and jewellery but, for normal use it is tough to beat the best.


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              Victor torch nozzles use a spiral mixer but other than that both brands are very good.
              I purchased a Victor system in 1978 and still have it today. I had to replace both regulator diaphrams last year. The diaphrams were about $10.00 each and took less than 5 minutes to replace.
              Mark Hockett


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                Both are good units,both need extra attention sometimes thou.
                Plain white toothpaste is what I use to lap in the seats on the tips(more often on the Harris)
                Then there are the general rules for torches,no water,no oil and never close the vales off with more than finger tip pressure,more than that will score the seats on a new rig and it will forever more leak.
                Persoanlly I use Victor because thats what the local welding supply carries parts for.
                I also have an Airco and a Purox,the Purox is tops IMHO,the Airco is also good,but obsolete.
                Oh also invest in a set of tip cleaners which ever you buy.
                I case you don't know,tip cleaners are the ones that are 4" or better in length,they are used from the backside(seat end) and not the front.Broaches are the shorter variety and are used to broach an old tip to the next larger size(tips do wear).
                I just need one more tool,just one!