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Universal bolt dies

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  • Universal bolt dies

    I got three sets off ebay today. In the mail.

    I never have used them before, I have three universal die heads to put them into.

    I just set the boring bar holder w/a sleeve to center the universal pipe die? and Set the in feed to match the thread?

    Threads in "one pass" I guess that cures two of my problems at the shop.

    ANYONE ELSE GOT A SET:? Tell me about them.

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    No comprende.
    Are you talking about the threading inserts (cutters) for a die? I've got a drawer full of threading dies that have the individual inserts. Similar to pipe threading dies but these are 1/4-20 up to 3/4-10. The dang dies are like 2+" in diameter.

    If you're talking about using the insert as a threading tool, yea you would have to use it like a threading tool. (Feed and Speed)

    Good idea! I was wondering what to do with that set. I don't have a holder. (Standard)


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      You talking Rigid quick release die heads ala 535 threader?

      If so,they are excellent for general purpose threads on things like u-bolts etc.

      You can speed up the operation by adding a bracket to hold a drip oiler and use that to drip feed cutting oil.Saves on the number of hands needed to operate the setup.

      Oh,remember John's tip on using a 11 tpi insert to cut serpintine pulleys.used it just yesterday with excellent results.

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      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Yes, the 535 adjustable dies, I have several without pipe dies in them. Either way I bought'em Now they are on the way. Too bad they won't go in a R12 die, that 700 porta-pony is getting corroded laying in that gang box.

        We'll see how they work out for me. I saved a pipe die to try out Johns serpentine belt theory..

        I was needing the rod threaded for the outer tension rods on the cnc actuator.. I am tempted to put all that into a square piece of tubing and start over.. Use the rods and the motors. Square tubing relieves some of the stress on the follower nut.



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          An amazingly well designed and versatile machine that Rigid 535 pipe & bolt threader. For standard threads over 1â€‌ the dies should be backed off and readjusted for the finishing cut, you can even cut Acme thread on these machine and it seems to love that Rigid dark cutting oil.


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            Dave,for John's trick to work you need an 11tpi bolt die,not an NPT,them pipe threads are tapered.Plus isn't the pipe standard 11-1/2tpi,or is that BSP?Brain fart?
            I just need one more tool,just one!