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update on 5HP motor on 5HP phase converter

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  • update on 5HP motor on 5HP phase converter

    i popped this under a new subject as my last header was a bit cryptic.

    okay, so i saw the endbells on the old 5HP Diehl motor were held on by four bolts (thanks ibew David). the endbells came off with a little persuasion and i cleaned the years of old grease and fuzz out of it. the armature shaft looked in great shape. i put everything back together, made sure the oilers were full (very cool oiling setup on these - a brass ring with a groove in it is partially submerged in oil. the ring is about twice the diameter of the armature shaft. as the armature spins it sort of pulls the ring along with it. as the ring touches the topside of the shaft, it leaves a trail of oil on the shaft.). i also took apart the starter (an old Allen-Bradley 709, REAL old) and cleaned the contacts and replaced the 440V coil with a 220V one. i made sure the four drive belts were totally removed from the pulley on the motor and fired it up. the RPC made some racket, but the motor spun up in about 1.5 seconds. so that problem was solved.

    then i put the motor back into the shaper and hooked the belts up. now the motor was a bit harder to turn manually (due to the huge pulley those four v-belts were driving). i fired up the RPC and hit the starter on the motor. it would spin but only maybe a few hundred RPM. definitely under 1000 RPM. i let it run for about 3 seconds, and shut it off. i tried it maybe five times (waiting a few minutes before each try). i am going to try getting the pulley shaft lubed on the shaper, but even then i don't know if the 5HP RPC will be able to fire it up to full speed.

    anyone have any ideas? does this sound like what Thrud meant by the 5HP RPC motor not having enough headroom to start the shaper motor? also, yes, the motor is wired for low voltage. i do have a 1725 RPM 7HP motor, but when i tried using that for the RPC idler, it will only spin about 500 RPM. anyone have a good method to see if the 7HP motor is bad, or if i just need to modify the RPC somehow to use it (more caps???). i'm guessing if i wasn't supplying enough current that i would blow out one of the fuses in the RPC, no?

    any advice is appreciated.

    andy b.
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