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Boring Head in a Lathe?

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  • Boring Head in a Lathe?

    I?ve enjoyed reading the comments and discussion in this forum and others on the many uses of a boring head. I?m puzzled, however, by some notes (and descriptions in catalogues) that say a boring head can be used in a lathe tailstock. Is this possible or advisable? If so, how would you use it?

    Thanks to all

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    screw machines use boring heads all the time some even have sping loaded slides to move the tool out after going deep into a bore to chamfer the inside of the part before it is parted off.

    one time on a big semi truck bell housing that hade a worn throwout fork pivot hole.

    I put the holes bettween centers, jacked and clamped the bell housing to the cross slide.

    put the borring head in the chuck and bored the hole to take a stock bronze bushing. (a lathe makes a nice horz. boring mill)


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      I've done it and it works just fine, not sure that its the right way to do it though. Any particular reason why you can't use a boring bar in the tool holder?


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        You can use it for boring or as an adjustable tailstock for steep taper turning - less hassles that reseting your tailstock to precise center if you do lots of taper turning - or weird stuff.


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          Seems like it would be a useful application on a turret lathe. Not necessary on a normal tool holder based boring operation.


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          Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.