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  • Damascus steel

    Found this article very interesting.

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    Yup, there's a local knifew maker that's been doing something like this. Skulls, dogs, bones, all sorts of stuff, made into a billet and then worked out into shape. IMHO it's not true damascus in the sense that it's not folded and laminated but it is very interesting to think we could get this as stock to machine from. FWIW, I had the chance to talk with someone that makes real damascus the old fashioned way, no cables or harley chains. He showed me how the patterns were made by punching or otherwise manipulating the metal before folding it the last time.


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      Although some of the modern "Damascus" Steels are interesting, they still don't have any "soul". I think the most beautiful laminated steel is Japanese Sword Steel. You can see that a master craftsmans heart and soul went into making these works of art. I have had the priviledge to hold some wonderful steel in my hands - and I still have all my fingers too!


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        Real nice article. Gave me more insite to Damascus steels.

        Sounds like even though the process is different (don't even know if you could call it Damascus steel, more of a Damascus pattern) they have come up with a very strong alloy for blades and such.

        I would like one of the 316l/304l blades.JRouche
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          Thrud, you should look at some of the hand forged DAmascus at a local knife show sometime. There's a lot of makers these days creating some awesome true damascus. There's been a tremedous resurgence in forging in the last few years. Poke around a little in the Shop Talk forum over at and you'll see some interesting stuff. Damasteel is really expensive for a commercial product but is about the only choice if you want a stainless damascus. Look at for a nice selection of dosmestically made damascus. It's still expensive but not as expensive as Damasteel. LAst I knew there was only one US distributor for the stuff and they get a premium.


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          Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.


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            I have made damascus steel for years, some from flat stock, some from strips of metals, braided cable and some with chains (Harley and steel common chain.)

            I also make Mokume Gane, which is not a hammering type process, but follows the idea of welding of metal to form patterns.


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              Mokume is really cool looking.

              My art dept friends in the metal sculpture area were doing a lot of that back in college.

              Have you ever heard of a guy named Heikke Seppa? He was the head guy at the time, and was into a lot of interesting techniques like that. I recently (2-3 years ago) saw an exhibition here of his newer stuff, and he was still using it.
              Absolutely fabulous pieces, of course. I understand he is up in Washington now, and was then still working, although he must be pretty old by now.

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