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    I have some pieces of metal that I think might be silver, they were in a box of stuff given to me by a friend who did jewelry work so I was thinking they may be silver.....anyway, is there a way (using household methods) to determine if it is or not?

    One piece looks like a rolled-flat blob....not something that came out of a forming mill...other than it's flatness.

    I just didn't know if by some miracle I'd be able to test it with a common chemical, or if it's more of a lab testing thing.



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    I may be way off but I think sulfur will tarnish silver almost immediately. If you have fried eggs at breakfast smear a little soft egg yolk on a piece and see if it tarnishes. (Egg yolk has quite a bit of sulfur, IIRC.)


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      Actually, pure silver won't tarnish nearly as fast as sterling silver will. The admixture of copper is what makes sterling tarnish so quickly.

      BTW, mustard is also very high in sulfer and will tarnish sterling quickly.

      If you want a quick, cheap, safe, chemical test, buy some potassium sulphate, dissolve in water and place the metal in the water. If it turns black, it contains silver.


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        Take it to a jewler. He will likely tell you for free. He can certainly test it. If it is you might be able to trade it for a nice chain or something.
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          I used to carry silver and gold bar stock up to three inches to make bracelets from; you know, drill it out, bore and turn a short sleeve to size then part off a ring. Trouble is the stuff was so soft. A 20 ft bar actually drooped between supports in the stock rack and it was grabby on the tools. Then, what to do with the chips?


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            I'll send you my shipping address. I will undertake to dispose of them for you...
            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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              I went through one of the high end flute manufacturers in Boston years ago. Lots of silver and gold around. floor sweepings go in the vault.


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                Forrest, If you are able to stock 3" diameter bars of silver and gold 20' long in your stock rack then I need to become better acquainted with you. I have to float a loan to keep HT 4140 steel and 6061 aluminum in those sizes!!