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  • Need some ideas.

    Hey guys, newbie here. I am having a hell of a time trying to figure something out so maybe you guys can help me. I am trying to mill 4 slots on a piece of 7/8 round solid. I am going to mill the slots 3/16 and want to have equal amount of material between slots. My question is how do i center the mill spindle with the work clamped in a vise and how do i rotate the stock for each cut keeping it centered after it has been turned. I dont have a rotory table so thats out. Thanks

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    Use an edgefinder to find center. You can go off a vise jaw or a portion of the round hanging out past the vise. There are also other ways.

    A couple of cheap, fast, and easy ways to index 4 divisions are by using a square collet block or a spin indexer.


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      start with a piece of rod longer than the finished part.

      Cheek mill one end of the rod so it looks like a fat regular screwdriver, then raise the mill quill and cut the top flat too. Now you have a 3-sided "square" end.

      mount the 3-sided square end in a vice and mill the last round portion off to make a square end.

      Now you can index the part in the vice to get 4 slots.

      Edge finder will work to center or use a dial indicator to center the bar with higher accuracy.


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        man that was fast guys. i didnt think about the square collet block. ill try it. i have to do a bunch of so now i need to order more tooling. Haha


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          Yup collet blocks are handy fixturing devices. Even for those days when you need something with an odd number of sides

          Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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            sometimes I use a new sprocket as an indexer with a shaft. a 16 tooth with a 7/8 bore is an easy deal. if you get inventive it works great.

            you can mill twin keys, splines,anything you want in just about any number like 17 or 21.

            by the way I find boring a 22 tooth sprocket is best done in a 4 jaw chuck.(or make a pinch fixture for that.

            for an index stop I use my blocks. the blocks are 4"x4"x(whatever the mill vise hight is)

            works great(close enough for the girls I go out with)

            the blocks are very handy for long shaft to keep them level and not like a screw jack.

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