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Holke Vertical Mill Model F10V

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  • Holke Vertical Mill Model F10V

    Does anyone know anything about machines by Holke. Westway, a local machinery supplier has a used vertical mill for sale. The asking price is $2200 ($3400 CDN). Is this is reasonable price? I've looked over the machine and it doesn't look all that bad. Few dings on the bed and some plastic handles are broken but otherwise looks mechanically sound. I'll have to park my car in the driveway if I get this but I'm all excited about getting a real milling machine. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Never heard of them, but that doesn't mean anything. Looks like a pretty decent machine.
    The motor is described as 2/3 HP, sounds wimpy, unless it is 2 or 3 HP. Also 550 volts, 3 phase is a problem here, south of the border.
    Another point is that driveways are for parking cars in, garages are for putting stuff in. Can't get my wife to understand that.
    Jim H.


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      I have just arrived home after spending the last few hours operating a Holke. We have had one for about 15 years, looks similar to the one in photo, except green. They are made in Spain, have a plate that says - "1934, The first Milling Machine Manufacturer in Spain". They are reasonably common here in NZ, quite a few sold in the 1980's I think.
      They are quite well made, but a little clunky. I wouldn't say they are excellent quality, but good for general machining. Have had no problem with spindle (Int #40) or ways, these are good. Main problems have been coolant getting into electrics, eg switch gear and also feed motor, which shorted and died.
      Its a pity it doesn't have DRO, vice, drill chuck, milling cutter collet chuck etc.
      Price? I don't know. A Bridgeport is better quality overall, I believe, but the Holke is a bit more sturdy and has a 'real' power feed on the X axis, with rapids. (Check that the feed motor works, they are an unusual frame size, not available here in NZ anyway)


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        It sound good, except for the voltage. Ask if they will change it to 220/240V for the same price. Otherwise the feed motors may not work either - you need to check that.

        The best part is the #40 Taper spindle - a man's taper. Tooling is expensive at first, but what you can do with it is beyond R-8 is capable of. This could take a nice huge boring head (the tooling goes cheap on eBay, just make sure it is the right taper - many types of #40's ie, Cat V-Flange, Bt, NST)

        Make sure you can sort the electrics out - otherwise forget it. Just remember the tooling is going to cost more to get going. A good collet chuck will hold endmills up to 2" or more - I would not invest in endmill holders. Adapters for drill chucks are around $100. I would not go bigger than a 3-4" face mill for this machine.

        You should check in the spindle with a flash light and see if any marks are present. A Spind-l-mate #40 spindle cleaning tool is a good idea - they have wipers that remove glaze from the mating surface. The other thing you may want is a tooling vice. These safely hold the tooling while tightening fasteners on the shanks so that the mating surface does not get damaged.

        As has been said before, the cost of the machine is not much in comparison to the accessories - be prepared!

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