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  • Craftsman rotary table

    I’m total novice when it comes to machining and have never used a rotary table. I have a Craftsman 8â€‌ rotary table with the XY axis handles too. It’s extremely clean and looks like it wasn’t used. The rotary table and XY axis are not silky smooth, like I think they should be. I haven’t adjusted the gibs either. I want to take this puppy apart, clean it up as necessary and grease everything to see if it makes a difference. Is there anything complicated about re-assembling it or something I should be aware of before doing so? BTW, what kind of grease should I use?


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    Use way lube, not grease. Grease attracts grit and chips and then they grind into everything. Inside the the rotary table if the unit is enclosed use R&O lube if it has a bronze Worm and/or Worm Gear otherwise use the way lube.

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      I have seen use of Way Lube mentioned several times on this forum. Is there a special brand name or manufacture for "way lube" how do I find such a product? Help us non knowers!!!

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        Hello. One brand of way oil is Mobil Vactra. It comes in different viscosities. Most small lathes use Vactra # 2. Some larger machines use #4. As far as I know, the smallest size container it comes in is a 5 gallon pail, but if there's a machine shop close to you, you might be able to buy a smaller quantity from them.

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          I have a two page instruction sheet with
          an exploded view and part list for the Craftsman 8â€‌ rotary table if you need it.Not a lot of info but may be handy to have.
          I can email it to you or any one else who might need it.


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            Enco sells Vactra #2 & #4 by the gallon for about $12.



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              Just remember that the first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts, and you should be okay.

              You might run into shims. If so, keep careful track of where they go and the order they go in.

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                You can also get "way" and "spindle" oil from McMaster in gallons.

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                  I have been told that way oil in my lathe which is recommended is actually hydraulic oil this is recommended for the ways and the headstock oiling in my lathe number 32oil.Alistair
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                    Make sure that you use an AW Hydraulic oil (anti-wear type) if you do that Alistair. R&O Gear & Bearing oil is far superior but often more expensive.

                    ****NEVER**** use motor oil or normal gear oil ESPECIALLY if you have brass or bronze parts in the drive line of your equipment - these promote acid formation and will destroy the yellow metal components in the drive line.