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    After grinding the magnetic chuck on my Shipman grinder to true it.....I then created a test peice of bright drawn, roughley 6 inches long by 1.5 inches wide and 3 quarters deep.
    I ground it both sides then took it to the inspection room of my friend Alwyn who owns a pricision engineering business.
    He put it thru the works using the most sensitive measureing devices on his huge granit surface plate/table.
    only two microns deviation.
    so I'm over the moon that my so called junker turned out to be a good buy
    All the best....mark
    btw one micron is 0.001 millimeter
    or 0.00003937 inch

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    I'm excited too.. Happy for you.

    What do you use your magnetic chuck for? I have missed quite a few at auctions. Last one sold with a rotary indexer for $15. I was quite mad cause someone was tugging on my sleeve and talking in my ear and it came up early. He was asking me questions.. probably a setup to keep me busy, I was buying everything.

    Space is now at a premium in my shop. I just had to move a steel box outside to get walking room next to the shaper. About everything is on wheels now. But I have to roll things around to use anything. Need more space. (so I can pile more junk)

    I just had a whole hand full of reams (picked them off the floor), from 1/4" to 1" .. Can't remember when I used one last. Perhaps on a camshaft bushing I pressed into a cam cover.?? I ended up using a split bolt and a flap of emery cloth in the drill to fit it.

    I need to have a yard sale I think. Problem is I try to do too many kinds of things. I got some plumbing tools, some electrical (*a lot of them), some machinist tools and my machines, some woodworking, I don't do a lot of that, but some of them tools are used for electrical too. (cutout saw, etc) but the pile of benders and threaders are rusty. Perhaps I just need more space.



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      Well done you deserve a bit of luck for a change.Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        well Dave the magnetic chuck is sort of part of the parcel of the surface grinder.
        it belongs with it and if.. one were to be sold... without one then it would be considered missing and hunted down.
        The magnetic chuck is a sort of flat panel 18 by 6 and 2.5 inches thick that is bolted to the middle of the grinders table.
        it is used for 95 percent of the grinding on all of these machines.
        there's a handle on it for on or off.
        Think magnetic chucks are only really suitable for surface grinders and I dont think they would be strong enough for milling.
        You'll have more space now with your new shop nearing completion so you may be able to store all that stuff better, and maybe you could get yourself one of these surface grinders and finish your work to a beautiful procision and have a superb almost chrome like finish on your parts too boot.
        all the best....mark


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          You must've read something I've not wrote yet about the shop. I been working on Carrols house. I got a pile of Ibeams and posts for my shop addition, not yet started. I need more room. God help me that is a lot of work to do. The house addition is in white house wrap, insides not even started.

          I got the harley (my harley) in the middle of the house addition, front wheel off. The fatboy wheel is stripped of tire and ready to cut and anodize, then recut designs into on my cnc mill. I'll try to start that this weekend. If it turns out I'll post a pic. If not I'll hide it somehow.. ha..

          I am working on the shaper again here. Moving the automation around, bought some more boards to tie the loose ends up. Looking for a box for indoors and out. I just bought off ebay the rest of the doo-dads I needed.

          I used to have a setup using opto-22 to run my electro-melt and wax burnout oven. It'd bring up the heat in 2hour cycles and notify me by buzzer when the metal was ready at temp and the Lost-wax setup was completed. (the two orchestrated) Hopefully was at that point I was not too drunk to "be safe" pouring the silver. I never had any luck with aluminum in the electromelt (like a coffee pot). I never got hurt bad so I guess I did alright. Thou I did set the floor on fire twice.
          Lightning hit that setup in 92. I almost have it all back together. This time I am using propane, vfd modulated blower, spark ignition and probably lost foam. Spence and a couple others caused that last thought. All the casting is outside under a shed type roof. All metal siding/roof/rafters out there and hopefully a sand pile. I almost set my shop on fire once already. I'd like to automate the pours too.. we'll see what happens there tho. I am kinda scared pouring metal by myself. The more remote I can be the better I like it. From a Webcam in another state would suite me.
          My buddy Gary Killen (Iowa) donated a dc conveyor motor/drive to help with the automation. I got the cruible type smelter and sand muller from him too. So Friends have helped me along. Right now it all looks like a pile of junk and parts.

          Yeah, A surface grinder, I don't have one. I want one too. Post a picture or two if you get a chance please.


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            Right Dave i stand corrected.
            i thought this was your new workshop going up ,it sure dont look like a house to me.
            no windows

            hers the test bar

            the photos of my grinder start here then go on to show how i did it up





            all the best.mark

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              Very nice, I would be happy to have a machine to do that, you are getting in there with that machine, where tool and die guys will like the work.

              yes, you scored big time


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                Yeah, Picture is three days work on the framing. I didn't take time to put the headers in for windows or doors. I like it better anyways to put them in later when I work by myself.
                I lay the sill plate, the foot plate down on the foundation, strike my 16" centers on the boards lay them stud distance apart and pneumatic nailgun them all together with factory studs, then put a plywood on corner to keep it square and stand it up. I now have the picture window put in the front, the housewrap around it, and a 36" door in the alcove there on the left, the eaves filled in. And the harley dissasembled in it. HA. (off in another direction)
                I may have messed up using metal on the new half of the house. It is over 3/4 plywood but..... I have a leak between the back metal and the shingles I have to fix or put in some flashing w tubes of silicone. MY father told me to shingle it.. he is right about a lot of things, age does that I guess.

                I started out with a smallish 24x24 house built with credit cards. Now tripled in size. to almost a small house. Back lower half of new part is a storm shelter. (big brother calls it a bunker) no more bank money tho. still 199 a month pmts. You gotta start somewhere to get outa renting.
                I got a 1950 studebaker truck w/hand rubbed paint in the concrete cost on the bunker back side, ONE ebay deal in the front concrete (that old tattoo machine I posted) and rest is outa pocket.



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                  Neato Surface grinder.. I gotta have one, if for nothing else to do hot rod heads flat. can you get a car block on there to deck it?



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                    Dave you got 18.5 inches of travel. "y"
                    and about seven inches "x"
                    not sure about grinding alloy though,
                    one of your american tool dealers on ebay wants a crazy price for a machine the same as mine something like $7,000.
                    it's been on there for over 3 months now, that I know.
                    Saw one sell on the english ebay the other day for آ£33


                    Was thinking long and hard about this one
                    i emailed the guy ...and he said everthing was right about it =except the wheel head was shot ...
                    this was an old one pre-dating mine that had white metal bearings in .....the companies supplying spares dont do the exchange heads for these anymore can put an updated head on one for آ£1300 outright.
                    also you can recondition the whitemetal bearings yourself if you have the knowledge.
                    but it sounds hard...i wasnt brave enough to buy the machine besides it was over 300 miles away.
                    quote from manual about these bearings :-
                    "the whitemetal bearings are diamond bored and spindles are ground and super finished to within 2 microinches root square mean".....whatever that means lol
                    all the best...mark


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                      I know what you mean about unreal prices. We have two or three machines we "need to get" premium prices for. It'll never happen. One is the cnc index milling machine on my webpage there. We'll trade it for a vette or something someday. I sure hate moving that rascal again. It weighs a lot more than my bridgeport.

                      I saw a page somewhere with a shaper w/grinder attachment where the toolpost went. I got this old shaper you see? It'd come out within tolerance to do a block. Nowhere near the tolerance you have hit thou. (can you hear the wheels crunching?)

                      we used to use a machine similar to yours to sharpen tufting machine blades. It'd take two hours to rack them up at the appropriate angle then run the grinder for about thirty minutes w/fluid.
                      Carpet roller grinders are another item, I could've bought one for less than $200, dye becks and other dye machinery the roller must be SLICK polished or it'll pull a mile of yarn out and make seconds out of decent carpet. The place I used to work for did all the rollers for hundreds of miles. I bought a lot of thier stuff, but not the roll grinder.

                      About nobody is doing that nowadays. I might look into it.

                      YOur machine would make some neato cnc screws and shafting as soon as I figure out the attachment.
                      And gears, yeah.. polish, slick gear drives for my chevy 350, no machining marks = no noise , It sounded like it had a blower with the whine from the others.. (went 160 in a 64 El Camino). Now it is scattered across the floor apart, rusting and waiting..



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                        Great,you got it running,now what are you going to make?Planning on making your own parallels?
                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          Well things like these used to take weeks to make out of raw unpolished stainless.


                          It will cut my work down ten-fold.
                          yes I need extra parallels......sometimes the ones I've got are to thick or two thin.

                          Sometimes I've never been happy with a face-milled finish on I will be able to rough things to very near what I want ..then over to the grinder for a final touch-up.

                          Stainless is very hard on milling cutters this will save them a bit .
                          and save me loads of dosh.
                          I'm into classic cars (triumph stags)and a lot of the components of the engine where not true new will come in well handy there......oil pump flanges water pump housings go's on and on .
                          I'm into restoring all sorts of machinery and this machine will be marvelose.
                          I'm really looking forward to using this tool a lot....
                          all the best...mark


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                            Very nicely done!

                            That will teach you for try to imitate Homer Simpson!
                            Bummer, man - so did you get a big dose of radiation or was the cafeteria food just really bad? I take Eltroxin (and 16 other drugs - including Morphine, ask for it - it works good....) myself every day - my thyroid misbehaves too

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                              I am speeding today. I am quivering right here in one spot. When I was young (around a bike club 75,6,7,8) I used to take black RJS (amphetamiane) and Drink whiskey. I feel about the same way now w. this medication.

                              I can only imagine the damage it is doing from the inside out.

                              I feel for you brother. Hang in there.

                              At the nuke plant, they cut a hole in the containment roof, they calculated man-hour losses w.proper.dress-out and suddenly it was okay to wear your street clothes in there. I only saw one guy held up on exit at the PCM's so I guess I was okay, right? I did watch them cut a square patch out of guys blue jeans. This was after they blotted them with duct tape.

                              If ya remember I quit cause of the overhead 260ton suspended crane load. Screw-em, I ain't hungry enough for that yet. You evaluate everything they "ask" you to do before hand, I do at least.

                              Out to the shop w. the pup, say bye.