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  • home heat treating furnace

    Does any one know the whereabouts of plans for a homemade electric heat treating oven? I know I saw it some where, but can't find it for the life of me. Sounds like a Lindsay or Gingery kind of thing. May have been during one of my link-following surfing sessions. Any ways, if you know, please let us know. Thanks in advance,

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    they have lots 'o wierd stuff.


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      Gingery's Lil-Bertha would (I think)work. has refactory,Kalanthal heating elements and controllers.
      The Yahoo group hobbycast has lots of info.
      Hope this helps,


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        For anyone who decides to cheat and actually BUY one, take a look at the Neycraft Fiber Furnace. Brownell's sells it for about $650, but I've seen it cheaper.

        One of those things I want to get...someday.
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          Am building one of the Gingery furnaces. About half done.(like lots of my projects)
          Pyramid Products in Niland CA has gas-fired furnaces and supplies at reasonable prices. I bought my castable refractory and petro casting sand from them. A small company, honest, and nice to deal with. Thanks--Mike.