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OT. an electrical question?

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  • OT. an electrical question?

    I'm in the process of designing a Power amp
    for my CD rom I took out of a computer to make it into a CD player,I have the whole circuit breadborded,I need to build the supply for it now, my bench supply shows
    24 volts, @ around 200-400 millamps.
    I've built a lot of supplies for my other projects up to the 12V. range, so I have quiite a few transformers from Radio Shack, that are the CT. 6.3-0-6.3v power transformers.
    My question is what is the proper way one goes about coupling 2 of the same power transformers together to get the required voltage.

    1. do I connect the primary widings in series
    and the secondary in series?

    2. or do I connect the 2 tran. primary wires in parrallell with eachother, and then connect the sec. wires in series.

    3. Or is it more proper to just purchase a 25.2V power tran. from radio shack?

    The reason I know if I couple 2 ,,6VCT tran. together I'll have the 24V.+ I need is because the secondary actually puts out around 18V after filtering and rectifying
    so which would make it around 36VDC,Ill have plenty of voltage to work with for power amp.

    Thanks for any help...

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    Primaries in parallel, secondaries in series.

    Polarity is important, as one way they will oppose and come out to zero.

    Use of one transformer is simpler.

    Do put in primary side fuse and switch to prevent problems from shorts etc. I assume you know that, but it is as well to mention it.

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan


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      Thanks J. Tiers.