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    I recently was given an old drill press that I would like to find out about. there is no id plate on it but I have been told that it was a canedy-otto royal 16 drill press. anybody know anything about canedy-otto. or better yet have a photo of one. a google search turns up very little. it sure looks good in my little shop. it is larger than my mini mill and weighs about 3 times as much[heavy american cast iron]. thanks for any info you can give me j.p.

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    How about a picture or two?

    Neil Peters
    Neil Peters

    When on the hunt, a broken part is better than no part at all.


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      Here's an old Canedy post drill press.

      Is yours a bench or floor model? Again, a photo would help.

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        I do have some pics of the drill but I have never posted any on a forum I don't know how but I will try to learn how to do it. my new - old drill press is not as old as the post drill pictured in the other post it is a modern one it's probably not more than 60 years old. it is a bench model with a base that has t slot's, a work table that will swivel 360آ؛ and tilt 45آ؛, and the power head will also swivel 360آ؛.so I guess you could swivel the head to one side clear the base and drill to the floor with it. well now let me go see if I can learn how to post a pic.