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  • OT: Too Bizarre Not To Share

    Giant Styrofoam Jesus. Supposedly the pastor of the church has done time for trying to smuggle coke inside a horse.

    Not trying to take jabs at anyone's religion, but this just seems really tacky to me.

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    The amount of money they spent on this ego booster could have fed and clothed a lot of homeless people. I saw on TV it was around $250,000 and they are going to spend more to have it lighted. These days, some people have forgotten what church is all about!!


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        I live in Kansas and it would be normal to hear a bunch of churchies wanting one of those in front of their building. I hope it's against code though. We're also known for tornadoes and I could just imagine the "man on the street" interviews when a crowd of people see that behemoth flying through the air for five miles before smashing into the Wal-Mart.


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          Wait a minute...
          Maybe I dont hope it's against code.


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            In Colorado, there is/was a state law that 10% of a public buildings cost must be made up of art to support artists an sculptors and such. I saw many a building go up in Colorado during that time. A major college building of about 25 to 30 million dollars, and in front were these strangest of sculptures and such. Bronze things such as "modern art minotaurs", the modernists versions of the "thinker" , many a strange thing. Multiply this by building after building throughout the state from the mid 1970's through the 90's and beyond......

            And in New Hampshire, this took hold for a while, until they figured this actually costs money.

            I imagine the styro jesus is not even close to 10% of the money raised by the church, probably had to have a congregation vote, such on and so forth. The cost would be a relative pittance compared to the art budget for public buildings in Colorado, the monies which could have probably built new buildings by themself, and in raw funds, could have probably been the social services (welfare, soup kitchen, shelters, womans shelters, drug rehab) funds for a city of 20K for upwards of five years all said and done - I refer back to the 25 million dollar building. There were buildings that cost more to put up mind you......

            Nothing wrong with art an sculpture, but a law that specs 10% on exterior art was a bit far fetched, and we as students paying for those buildings in our tuition were not that impressed with the $250K sculpture "the snake of learning" (at least that is what we commonly called and even noted on a college map as such - one 45 foot long masterpiece).

            As a member of that church, would have voted no on that 250K thing. However, the religious is easy to state the wrongs in, but we often times are unaware of what our public funds are really wasted upon.
            CCBW, MAH


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              Actually there are "percent for art" laws in many states, counties, and cities. They range from 1/2% to 1%, on average.
              I have never heard of one anywhere near 10%.
              1% of the budget for art, while it can be a large sum on a big budget project, is still a pretty small slice of the budget.
              And usually, at least some of this "art" money is spent on decorative flooring, railings, windows, and other things they were gonna spend money on anyway. So it isnt exactly the big giveaway you make it seem like.
              I know, because I make my living doing art for government buildings. My feeling is, if they are gonna give that money away, it might as well be to me. Cant say I ever made a "modern art minotaur", though. I have done a lot of fences, gates, railings, benches, lighting, signage, and other perfectly functional stuff, with a twist. You can see some of my public art at and it doesnt bother me a bit if you think it is a total waste of money- after all, I take a pretty dim view of the 10 Billion a year George is spending on an anti-missile defense system that doesnt work, and never will, according to the scientists working on it. At least you can sit on some of my stuff without a security clearance.
              As long as these laws are in effect, I will be trying for the jobs. And if they all get voted out, I can always fix pea viners. Or maybe make giant Jesus sculptures for churches.


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                No offense intended here, just my observation.
                Religion is a very lucrative career choice for an increasing number of evangelists.

                Religion is a very lucrative career choice for a diminishing number of orthodoxy.

                Religion, I don`t necessarely need.
                Belief is something that I do need.
                Ries, you create very nice work!
                Seasons Greating, Ken


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                  Dangerous and touchy subject, religion. I usually avoid discussing it but I will say this.

                  Somewhere along I-40, I think in Oklahoma, there is a cross that can be seen for miles and miles. My thought on first seeing was exactly the same as Al Messer's. What a waste of funds which could be put to the use of feeding hungry people.


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                    Jesus' face sure didn't look like the Greek statue that Styrofoam figure resembles.
                    Try to make a living, not a killing. -- Utah Phillips
                    Don't believe everything you know. -- Bumper sticker
                    Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects. -- Will Rogers
                    There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory. - Josh Billings
                    Law of Logical Argument - Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
                    Don't own anything you have to feed or paint. - Hood River Blackie


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                      Ries, I have to ask you, “Rebar and Torqueâ€‌?, my grown offspring are just called John and Alan. Boring but functional.


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                        Require art for buidings, just one more blunder of our Government. I rather keep my own money then give it to the government so they can give it to an artist.


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                          Rebar and Torque are their legal names, have been since birth. They are perfectly comfortable with them- and up in my neck of the woods, those arent even particularly unusual names.

                          As far as keeping your own money, I agree 100%- I dont want my tax money spent on the DEA, the ridiculous border with Canada, Highway patrol officers giving me speeding tickets, Missile defense programs, millions of dollars of subsidies to Florida sugar growers, tax breaks for Enron, contracts to Halliburton, or George Bush's salary.
                          Unfortunately, nobody asks me. In fact, we have this clumsy and awkward system in our country, called democracy, in which we have to elect representatives who then make these decisions. The system where you get to decide where your money goes- that one is called anarchy- but we dont have it yet. But there are these kids down in Eugene, who wear black ski masks, and they are all for it- they probably dont like public art either.
                          Like I said- if the job is out there, being advertised, and they are gonna give the money to somebody, I am gonna try and get it. If you vote the program out, I will make something else- I have a big metal shop, and 30 years of experience working in it, and I have never had a problem getting work- something in this world is always broken.


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                            Those railings for Twist are exceptional. Did you use a CNC plasma cutter for that?
                            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                              You are a man of talent - I tip my hat to you...