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  • Got my new mill

    My new turret mill turned up today. Looks pretty good. A lot larger than I expected. It has 8 speeds step pulley and by the look of it I won't have any trouble with slipping belts. Came with an er40 collet chuck and a 6 inch vice plus a clamping kit. Did a test cut and is a lot more ridgid than my mill drill. Looks nearly identical to a bridgeport cept has square slide on the y axis. plus is a bit different shape in the body. Has power feed on the x axis and coolant. All the electrics are tiawanese but don't know where the actual machine was made.

    It also came with a light and the electric controls are stuck out on an arm.

    I'm not going to be able to post pics at the moment as my PC died last night. I think the PSU has given up the ghost I just hope it didn't decide to take other components down with it. I'll get a new PSU on Monday and go from there. I'm a borrowed PC at the moment so better not take too up too much time here.

    See Ya
    Precision takes time.

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    Congrats!!! There's just nothing like a new toy! Have fun!
    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Ringer:
      My new turret mill turned up today. Looks pretty good. A lot larger than I expected. See Ya</font>
      I'm glad I'm not the only person who has experienced this phenomenon. Seems every time I get a new tool it has grown to twice it's designated size as I'm tryin to unload it from the carrier and load it into my ever shrinking garage. JRouche
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        Someone should research the amazing, shrinking garage.
        Seems as if mine is in the terminal stage.
        Also, why do flat surfaces attract objects?
        Many years ago, in first house, I built a 6ft bench, turned around to admire it, was filled up. Added another 5ft, it filled too.

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          Someone needs to invent the Tardis garage.

          Precision takes time.


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            Thought you might like to see a pic of my new mill. I have opened a photobucket account and you can see it here.


            Can someone explain what code you use so the bb open's the pic automatically.
            Precision takes time.


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                you just need an [ I M G ] URL GOES HERE [ / I M G ] Remove the spaces when posting, I put them there so I could be sure it would show up.



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                  I like it, it's missing chip piles now.

                  very nice, I would be proud to own that.


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                    Where did you get it, and how much did it cost, out of curiosity? Single or three-phase?

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                      I got it from my local supplier. He supplies most of the engineering shops in the area with their tooling.

                      It is the generic bridgeport clone(little bit different) model X6323B made by many manufacturers in Taiwan & China.

                      Cost delivered to my door was approx $6000US(I live in OZ) with an ER40 collet set, clamp kit and 6" vice.

                      It is 240V single phase 3hp motor. 8 speed step pulley although the speed plate on it says 16 speeds i think it is for a 2 speed 3 phase motor.

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                      Precision takes time.