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Premature: Look at what the stork brought home!

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  • Premature: Look at what the stork brought home!

    Tomorrow I collect my new old shaper and my new old power hacksaw. Apparently these are the last items that I can bring home as the house painting and other maintenance is priority #1. I will post some images later. I have some spare time now so here I am jumping the gun a bit but I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for my latest necessities.
    I had missed out on the Viceroy shaper previously and now this shaper is 'Mine'. happy happy.
    I have to clear up the garage to make ?? room so here I go......
    cheers, Ken

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    YIPPEE you lucky dog.

    A power hacksaw kicks butt, I never saw one run till 1998 and they are mean.

    If I had a shaper I would set it up to make internal splines, like 1 3/8" 21 in some 2" tube or at least set it up for internal key ways.

    let the chip fly......


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      Cool. I had a line on a nice looking hacksaw on the cheap abit ago and passed.

      I had just bought a new band saw and couldn't see the advantages of the hacksaw and floor space is ever shrinkin.

      Are there any advantages with the hacksaw that the band saw can't do? Thanks, JRouche.
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        Mike, Waaoo Waaoo Waaaaoooooo! It's 7am at present, we're off to collect in 1hr .
        What i do know J is the saw is affordable and I like the sound and action of them. It is a Bramley with a 12" blade, I'm not sure of the size cut it can do.
        I/ve got my eye on some industrial conveyer frames as a steel support, one length will do me
        As for floor space , I have only 4m *6m but I can't seem to resist some old stuff
        I also have a limited budget which governs my choice of tools somewhat.
        Seasons Greetings, Ken

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          just to throw my .02 worth in: I had a power hacksaw a couple years back (my neighbour had got it from his father in law , a toolmaker, and asked me if I'd take it to the dump for him!!!!)....anyway, I was quite happy to take it off his hands...spruced 'er up a bit, it used a 12" blade as well. Well built, old time machine. But I found I didn't use it much and it wasn't anywhere near as versatile as I thought it was going to be. Great if you're having to make straight cuts in alot of pipe/angle/something like that...which, I suppose is exactly what it was meant to do. In any case, I sold it on....pretty much do what I need to now with a dewalt recip that thing is pretty versatile!

          Good luck & take care,



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            I had a kalamazoo?? power hacksaw. I gave it away. The gearbox was missing, I had machined a disc rotor that came off the wifes car and put a reduction pulled on it.

            We had a good laugh, Carrol saw it running and said it looked obscene.

            I gave it to another HSM'er who was going to repaint and resell it or use it.

            Starrett Blades are about .50 each on ebay.
            Or were.

            YOU are in the most dangerous phase of machining. Moving them. Be careful as we need your input around here.

            (just filed a keyway for my coupling for the shaper new gearbox)

            I have a truck transmission and 5hp motor I took off the shaper (if anyone needs it).. SOmewhere around 15:1 best I can tell on the output from a TEFC 1750rpm motor. New motor/gearbox is British and a planetary box so..?? Was on a carpet rollup machine. It is a 20:1 now direct drive into shaper where it was a flat belt drive. I gotta remove and tap the oiling holes on the shaper and locate them. THERE was one I never found on the old leblond till I got a manual.



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              Thanks for all the comments and advice everyone see... I'm still smiling.
              Geoff and my son turned up on time then off to the hire centre to collect one towable engine lift. On the way to pick up my treasures we lost my son , engine trouble.
              Picked up the shaper, saw AND a 180 amp 1ph welder, wahoo. We got home as a southerly squall was doing its best to batter us. When it had passed we unloaded and moved it all into the garage, 5 minutes later more summer??? weather came in , phew!!..what good timing. Talk about "4 seasons in one day", we have got it here. Here are some hurried pics of the shaper and saw.
              I not only purchased these at a very good price , I met two wonderful people who I will see again, Thanks P&J.

              The shaper is complete with tooling AND a swivel table but needs a 1ph motor, ditto the saw. The saw also needs a bush or two and a cut off switch. It will satify my needs for some time and besides I like a bit of obscene in my life
              Dave,have no concern, I have to stay out of the way these days and satify myself with the supervisers roll as I can do naff all without the good help from friends. I am mastering the art of "biting my tongue" and allowing others to do things their way ( difficult for me )
              Have a Merry, Merry Christmas, I am
              Now how am I able to negotiate this in my w'chair??

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                Siffy shaper,why can't I find one THAT size?All I see are itsy little SB and Atlas shapers or huge (4,000#+)monster floor hogs.

                The saw,the #!%@&#&&#^***&(!saw Probably the wifes next lawn ornament

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                I just need one more tool,just one!


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                  I spoke to R R Bramley today, they may have drawings aqnd other info on my saw; it is well over 35yrs old and is a real genuine museum piece,,aren't I the lucky guy??
                  It will cut 7"-8" which will do me fine for now
                  Also spoke to the local Secondaty school, all their shapers that they couldn't give away to machinists were taken by local boaties and used as mooring blocks... what a crime. Is it any wonder that there is a severe shortage of skilled machinists when the educationists deem it an obsolete proffesion and focus on I.T
                  Merry Christmas, Ken

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                    Chair? you mean like the ramp I built Dave? I had a neighbor with a wheelchair who had trouble reaching into my lathe. All I did was build a plywood ramp he had enough room on to roll up on, turn around and reach the chuck. He never liked my cnc mill. He did look at the joystick with longing eyes once.

                    He passed away last year, I really miss him.


                    Ohh yeah, WHilst I was trying to use the hydraulic ramp on the back of the Hertz truck to unload the leblond lathe, it was slick metal and the truck was on a incline and it was trying to "shoot" out the back.. He was riding around in that chair hollering instructions at me like I had never done anything in my life. He was a whole lot like me.
                    Sometimes I think I am the only intelligent person on earth.. I know of course I am not.. Dominant and Head strong is the word. Wish ya was closer friend.

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                      I am not yet totally stuffed in the legs dept yet To get about in the house and outside I use a combination of the sticks and the w/chair, for long distance (over 50m )I use the chair. The damn sticks get tied up with my legs sometimes and are a hindrance but that is probably cause they are getting worse. What I do is negotiate about the w/shop on my w/chair and stand/lean/sit when I get to where I want to be , it is quicker and saves me from my own frustration, mostly. This is just as things are and not a bleet
                      I too have problem with wanting most ( well everything I'm told )things done MY way and sometimes I can drive my family away; but I am learning to be less of a control freek where it concerns others.
                      There are a lot of good people on this BB and I would count you amongst them Dave.
                      Two of the most important things in my life are ,family and close friends, with this I can ride this life out easy.
                      Merry Christmas to all, Ken


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                        neat toys,ken.a similar shaper was for sale when i bought my lathe,but i had run out of moolah,otherwise i would have bought that too.
                        I think the "douglas"company was aussie.i agree about the shortsighted attitude in schools.Even now there is already a shortage of engineering tradesmen,as opposed to "button pushers".the intermediate school down the road has 3 virtually brand new colchesters siting around going rusty.i actually tried to buy one of them,but there was no interest in selling them.
                        I'm also looking forward to painting the house this year. .methinks if i paint one wall every year,the whole house will be done every 4 years .makes sense,no?



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                          Hi ya Hans, how is CH CH this Summer? It's strange cold, windy , hot, rain kind of Summer here.
                          About that math equation , you left out the roof After the first 4 yrs you can rest for the remaining 6, then start all over again .
                          Perhaps it is about time to join the school board of trustees or the PTA to keep your finger on the pulse, eventually the lathes will come up, then snaffo hopefully
                          You're correct about the shaper, it is Aussie and well made too.
                          I will be putting casters on the saw as it will be tucked in a corner to save space.
                          Best wishes to all, Ken