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Differences in South Bend 10" Lates

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  • Differences in South Bend 10" Lates

    I see South Bend 10" lathes described as 10K, Heavy 10, tool room, etc. What are the differences? What models are equipped with a cam lock spindle mount? Can anyone comment on the accuracy of these machines? I appreciate your help for someone new to machine work. FYI, I realized I misspelled lathes in the topic after posting. I could not edit it. I do know how to spell "lathes" even though I went to school in Arkansas.

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    There are more qualified people on this board to comment than me but I never seem to let that stop me! The 10K is called the "Light 10" and the 10L is called the "Heavy 10". The 10K has the small headstock bore and the 10L has the 1 3/8 bore that will accept 5c collets. Toolroom lathes normally are better equipped; taper attachment, large dials, micrometer stop, etc and maybe are assembled with more care. I believe the 10L was available with a longer bed as well. The 10K is often regarded as an updated 9 inch. I'm sure you will get much more detail from others and I may be corrected on what I have said. When I get back (from overseas) I will be setting up a 10L toolroom lathe at work. It has a D1-4 spindle(option) and I believe all 10K's are 1 1/2-8.


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      Thanks Rick. You got me off to a good start.



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        Go here...a great source of information!


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          I believe the 10L toolroom lathes are short beds, 24" between centers. They can be found with 2 1/4x8tpi spindles or L type or d-1. All have 1 3/8 headstock spindle bore. I think the tooling package includes taper attachment, 5c attachment, center sleve,ect. They are good lathes and can be very accurate. Accuracy with any lathe depends largely how carefully it was set up, tooled and the particular set ups on each operation and the operator. All 10L's have a sleeve bearing headstock. This is not a detriment to accuracy but it limits their use somewhat in a production inviornment. Hope this helps.


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            That's pretty much it. The 10L also has the "wide range" gearbox with an additional position that lets you cut threads like 27 and 30. On the 10K, you need to buy a supplemental change gear to get those threads.
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