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Two door storage cabinet for tooling ??

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  • Two door storage cabinet for tooling ??

    I'm flip-flopping on whether to go to a rolling cart or two door storage cabinet(s) for storage of tooling. The rolling carts are big $$ and it seems like a good grade of cabinet (200+lb shelves) will give more square inches of "out of sight" space for the $.

    Any thoughts on these or what do you use for storage?

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    If your shop is small enough you should be able to make do very well with stationary storage given it's in the right location.

    In my situation I'm going with multiple storage units in smaller sizes so that I can locate 'em where I need 'em.

    The second bit of advice I can give is to go for "drawers over doors". Drawers typically make better use of storage space. That said, my roll around tool tower in the garage (which I never roll around, so it could be stationary too) has 9 drawers and 1 door. It seems very well organized for me.

    If you do need shelf space that a door unit provides I'd go with open shelving. I think I would get so tired of opening and closing doors and if you don't close the doors you'll damage either a door or yourself.


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      Couple questions. What type of "tooling" are you looking to store? By cabinet, are you referring to a fixed location unit, or an enclosed mobile cabinet? Is the rolling cart open or enclosed? Mobility, obviously, would allow you to bring the unit where needed, or located out of the way for need of the floor space at the time. If you have common tooling for several machines, would you want to bring all of the tooling to the machine in mass or only as needed? (i.e. walking to a fixed location.) That would be a personal choice. At work I have a fixed location unit. The only tooling in it is for the machine that it serves, so mobility is not really an issue there. At times, I do wish I could move it out of the way when I could use the floor space for assembly of large apparatus. Not endorsing, but I beleive Kennedey makes an enclosed roll around tooling cabinet. I have a pamphlet from them, though not in front of me at the time. Like you had said, pricey. An enclosed unit, wether mobile or fixed location, in additon to security features could minimize or prevent damage to tooling if "stuff" happens. The only drawbacks to an enclosed unit IMO, are now you have to allow room for, and manuever around doors, to, and when open, and tooling may not be as "easy" to get out as compared to an open unit.
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        Dan, "drawers over doors" is definitely something for me to re-consider. If I look at some drawers I have now, it would probably take 3x the shelf space to accomodate due to the spacing of the shelves for reasonable access to their contents.

        ERB, Lathe and drill chucks, rests, QC toolholders and collets for the closest lathe and as the central place for drills, mills, inserts, reamers (which are already in pretty good boxes just looking for a nesting place. I haven't been storing at each machine yet and that would probably help eliminate the clutter with smaller storage units.

        I guess what happened is that when I cleaned and organized shop recently, I discovered that when you have shelving units side by side, they look cluttered no matter how organized each individual shelf is.