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  • better cut-off method

    Many experienced hands know this, but us lesser skilled guys may want to share what I have learned about avoiding train wrecks using the cut off tool. I had read here that turning it upside down lets the cuttings drop down and out of the way, preventing jamming but I also learned through OJT that because pressure is put vertical now into the tool post when a wreck starts to grab the turning piece, it only pushes the QC tool up in its socket. Just loosen the QC, drop it back into position, and go again. I used lard just to see if it works and I think it does. Even cutting stainless yesterday was a good experience.

    Wish I'd done this about a dozen wrecks back...


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    You are so right, parting can be a big time nightmare.

    upside down is good for many things like threading 8" pipe, I can infeed the cross slide to fake the taper and cut away from the chuck.

    muli spindle 5 and 6 spindle screw machines have half the tools upside down, having the chips fall away leaves for nice finnishes too.

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