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Being Thankful for what I have recieved.

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  • Being Thankful for what I have recieved.

    This time of year makes me feel guilty.

    I'd like to say thanks to this forum for being so "family like" in atmosphere. I feel at home here.

    People here have helped me to further my hobby. People like Thrud, and many others, I ended up with "WinchMan's" shop truck (just made something with that big chunk of steel friend, Ga Machinist's (manuals on my bridgeport) John S: (mucho knowledge) , Gary Killen (A lurker) for all the metal casting equipment AListair (wit and humor) and quite a few others (anodizing and general knowledge).
    Remember I have "NO machinist training or previous knowledge" just what I have gathered on my own and here. I am a electrician.
    Recent Reading one of my first posts was quite a humiliating experience. Everyone has to start somewhere.

    My shop is just now starting to realize my dream-come-true as a Santa Claus bag of tricks. ANYTHING I can dream up. Not to say my skill as a machinist is perfected but we'll see what the Next year brings. I plan on marketing the Digitizing probe design.

    Hopefully the networking and machine intergration will be done by Christmas this year. My shop is still uninsulated and un-heated.. Brrrrr...

    I twisted the control wires together a bit ago, the old 1900's shaper went into action, pushing muck out of the "ways" as it stroked the first few times. Not a rebuild, but just making it run. Carrol had to come see it run. It has a two speed tranny shift on the back.. Hi=Slow, Low=Slower.. Definitely not the "high speed machine the mill is. It'll run by computer (more paitience than I do)

    Cheers and Happy Holidays.
    David & Carrol Cofer

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    There are people here Dave including myself who think highly of you! don't forget that Dave! you give us a lot too it's not a one way thing Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      HEy Gypsie, Merry Holodays, get what I mean. Glad to have you around man.


      Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.
      Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.


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        Christmas you mean.
        Yeh Dave, I like you too, despite that little argument.


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          Dave, you're definitely one of the more colorful characters around here, and this place wouldn't be the same without you. Happy Holidays my friend, and that goes for the rest of you characters out there too.

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            So why do you feel guilty?
            I'm also very grateful for what I have. I remember back a few years ago looking at stuff in the ENCO catalogs and thinking that I'd never have THAT much $$. Course I drank professionally back then but that's another thing to be thankful for.

            Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga


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              Yeah, I have [email protected]#[email protected] away several new harleys.

              Not drinking tonight. Man, things are looking so bright thou I just had to look back over my shoulder. (looking for storm clouds)

              I keep stressing to everyone who rents to do what I did with the lil bitty house.

              BillH: I prefer to think we had a difference of opinion and viewpoints. If you never clash ideals with anyone you have never been outside your own lil world.


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                I too can be thankful for all the great people that have helped me. I am not often on the giving end of this help, I can only hope that someday I will be able to share what little I have to offer with I novice like I was but a few years ago. I have gleaned countless ways of doing things that I never thought were possible.

                Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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                  Ya,I know what you mean Dave,we are all extended family here.
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Arbo, I think the politically correct greeting is: "Happy rama-hana-kwansa-mas"! At least, that is what I head on a talk radio show the other day! LOL! Happy holidays, youse guys, and Ladies!!


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                      Dave & Alistair

                      What you said my Brothers.

                      Peace & grace


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                        What is important in this life is people, good people, like the rainbow of characters that are found here on this board.
                        What keeps me here is the knowledge that flows to and fro and the comraderie. I feel comfortable here also.
                        Merry Christmas and blessings to you all, Ken


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                          I too must echo my feelings that the participants on this board are not only like family, but the knowledge base is phenomenal. My skills are such that I usually just keep quiet and learn from others. On the other hand I finally finished my first complete from the ground up 1911 45 caliber semiauto. Feel as though I did a fair job of it. It shot a 2 and 3/8 inch group at 50 yards in a Ransom Rest.

                          Best wishes to all for a joyous Holiday and a prosperous New Year.

                          John B.

                          ps: Arbo, retirement is super
                          John B


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                            Glad to hear that retirement is treating you well. Some may say that I'm wishing my life away, but I have 9.5 years to go for eligibilty. The only problem there is I will be 49 at the time...I started young. As I'm sure you are aware, the TSP takes a heavy hit for early out. With any luck and alot of effort, my machine/welding shop will be turning a comfortable profit til then and I can let the TSP sit.
                            Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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                              JR: I wanted a gold cup 45.. I built one that was accurized, micro bushing, stainless barrel, good link, beavertail saftey, pachmayer grips , magazines, Bomar sights and custom trigger. That was outa junk parts, military slide, frame etc. It had just a tad of rattle when you'd shake it. "If it don't rattle it won't be dependable". Mine would feed WW Silvertip hollow points by the way. (ramp job via budwieser and dremel)

                              I miss that gun. My older brother has it and won't sell it back. Come to think of that, that was in 78? 80? He still has it.