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    I have a LeBlond 19" lathe, and need to get a
    turnng center for the head. It has an American Standard 200 taper. I can't find anything in the catalogs. Does anyone know that this is? Dimensions? Or where I can get a center or MT adaptor with this taper?


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    The dimensions are in Machinery's, in the "Standard Tapers" chapter, Table 5 "American National Standard Self-holding Tapers". It is a continuation of the Morse tapers and standard taper #200 follows MT7 in the table. There are some later tables in the chapter with dimensions for plug and ring gages for same.

    #200 is a 3/4" per foot taper and the large end measures 2" dia at the "gage line". Since you have the lathe, don't bother with setting the taper in absolute terms, just indicate off the existing spindle hole using an indicator point located exactly at center height - that part is critical.

    My lathe uses a #250. At the auction the lathe came from I was unable to get the lot with the lathe accessories including the center sleeve, but did get the # of the guy who bought them. Tracked him down and bought the things that went with my lathe, including the #250 sleeves for a 5C collet and an MT3 center.

    I've never seen these in any catalog. One place to buy them, I am told, is from Royal or Hardinge, as a replacement part of a collet system.



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      Bob Thanks for the info. I'll keep my eyes pealed for a 7MT dead center. Also guess I need to pick up a copy of Machinery