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Adjusting the taper spindle bearings on a RF-45 clone:

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  • Adjusting the taper spindle bearings on a RF-45 clone:

    I have just taken ownership of one of the RF-45 clones. The spindle seems to have a lot of “radialâ€‌ play. Hope that is what it is called. I basically put a dial indicator against the lowest portion of the spindle. I then applied very little force on the spindle by hand and could easily move the spindle 0.12 mm

    I also removed the bearing cap screw at the bottom of the spindle and could move the “outer raceâ€‌ of the roller bearing up and down without any effort.

    Does this cap screw have anything to do with the adjustment of the lower roller bearing? I have studied the diagram that came with my mill and to me it looks as if the bearings are adjusted with a lock nut somewhere higher up in the assembly. Can I get to this nut without disassembling the machine?

    I am from a non-mechanical background and just hope that this explanation of my problem makes sense to the group.

    I guess what I am really asking is how to adjust the taper roller bearings on the RF-45 or one of its clones? Is it possible to drop the quill/spindle sub assembly from the casting in order to do the taper bearing adjustment? Do I need to take the oil out of the gearbox before I do this?

    If this is the wrong procedure, what is the correct procedure?

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    The short partial answer to your question is, yes, you will have to remove the spindle assembly from the mill head in order to adjust the bearings. There is a nut that compresses the two taper roller bearings (30206 and 30207) so that you get the "proper" preload on the bearings. There is no way to adjust the bearings without removing the spindle from the machine.


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      Make sure you run the machine for several minutes to heat up the spindle. Then check your bearing run out. You don't want to over tighten those bearings!
      When it's warmed up check it both axially and radially.