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Question on engineering a doghouse? heat?

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  • Question on engineering a doghouse? heat?

    I had heat in Butches Dog house last year. He decided he didn't want the thermostat and bulb in there. He pulled it out. Wires, fixture, and played with it till the heat lamp was in shards. I grabbed the thirty dollar thermostat and GFCI plug-in. The fixture was ruint. (*southern word)

    Heat rises? Should I put a normal bulb underneath it and box it in? He could not get to the bulb or thermostat then.
    The new doghouse is not insulated. It does have a lift off roof to change the cedar shavings. Should I even worry about it? He has a fur coat but shivers. It has gotten to 30F the last two nights here.

    Will boxing in a bulb underneath cause a fire? Do I need a thermal limit? four inches clearance? how much? Heat tape? what?

    How do you do it?

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    Bury some hot water lines underneath the floor of the doghouse and give him infloor convection heating. Most animals love a warm floor. You'll need to enlarge the dog house for the water heater though or move it closer to your house.


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      Bill, That rascal almost pulled all the pvc plumbing out of "my" house.

      I caught him tugging on the parts car Lincoln out back. He had the wiring harness pulled out the front for fifteen feet. I told the guy who bought the car from me, (not moved it yet)

      He is a year old last month. SHould be out of that stage, but I guess he takes after me. I ain't never gonna grow up.

      Yeah, heating the floor I think, but not hot water.
      I am looking at heat tapes online now.



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        Maybe get a heat tape and put it under a thin
        sheet of plywood(to keep him from getting at the wire)covered by the chips. I think they are self regulating. Gotta keep your buddy warm.


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          People who have reptile pets use a thing called a "hot rock" a sort of solid heating pad . You might try calling up pet stores or check E-bay for that sort of thing . I dont know how chew proof it would be though .


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            Have you thought about target practice?


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              Heat tape pulled into a conduit? fastened under the floor of the house? I may have a heat tape here somewhere. They are only 65 watts thou. Insulate the bottom so the heat has to come up?
              Northern people use $99.99 heat matts. That'd last about as long as it took me to lay it in there. I got a destructive tazmanian devil for a furry friend. The UPS man swears I have two dogs, he sees Butch at both gates in under five seconds (120+feet). For some reason Butch hates him more than anyone, and he is a nice guy. I tried to give him dog biscuits to bribe him with. He don't want to mess with him. Probably don't like him and the dog knows it. The brown truck sends him into spasms.

              I am looking at heat tapes, still clueless. Not found hot rocks yet.


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                Jaybird, I had a nice seat on my IH Cub cadet Lawn tractor. That rascal stood on it and shredded it. Yes, I have thought about it.

                Heck he is like a kid, you can talk to him and he understands more than you'd imagine.



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                  How about puttin the light bulb up it the top of the dog house
                  behind a protective piece of 3/4 # 9 expanded metal?Maybe floor grating?
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    I saw the price on the heating mats, yeah I am thinking right this minute on heat tape, or a expanded metal box w/all the goodies behind it.

                    THOU he has stolen all my craftsman screwdrives (he prefers the Klien rubber handles) I don't think he has thumbs to turn screws. Carrol cheers me up telling me he is selling them to the neighbors to support his dog biscuit habit.

                    I am outa here, fallin out in the chair. Done surfed too long. See ya t-morrow.

                    Somebody dream me up the instant cheap fix.


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                      Have you considered putting a heat source inside a copper pipe ?
                      You could insulate the whole dog house, then face it with sheet metal. Put the copper pipe at the base of the wall, nailed in place with plumbing straps. Bury the wires/hot water in a flex conduit until it is at the box.

                      You could put a heated mat under some sheet metal that is screwed into the floor....armor the wires to the box too.

                      Dunno,just an stab at an idea. My dogs stay inside all the time.



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                        Try this , goes in the roof



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                          Let's look at it this way. Pit Bull in Gawja, right!

                          How cold does it get? You said 30* so he may need a little help. Feed him an extra cup of food to give him enough energy for the shivering. Try to locate his house out of the wind. Keep plenty of insulation on the floor of his house.

                          Pooch may do just fine with a dog house that keeps the wind off of him if you feed him an extra cup of food.

                          You may want to do the light bulb trick. Incandescant light bulbs are much, much more efficient at producing heat than light. You could use a ceramic based light socket under the floor of his house and maybe have a few vent holes to let the heat come up. I'd put the light fixture in a spot where the shavings didn't fall through onto the bulb. Put a piece of sheet aluminum on the underside of the floor nearest the bulb. I'll bet a 40 watt bulb will almost be too warm. You might find him laying out on the ground every morning.


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                            Have you given any thought to something like this? Heated Pet Mat

                            [This message has been edited by Tinkerer (edited 12-02-2004).]
                            Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                              The barn cat (she won't come in, if its under 10 deg I have to catch her and bring her in) has an old chair out in the garage. We just put an old patio hassock frame on the seat between the arms, and draped the yard sheets over it. Put a "nest" of old blankets on the chair seat, and she has a snug place.


                              Keep eye on ball.
                              Hashim Khan