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Metal condensation, Sweat? Moisture in unheated shop

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  • Metal condensation, Sweat? Moisture in unheated shop

    I got to the shop this morning, everything out there metal was covered in dew. It has been raining like a monsoon for days. NOW? It seems warmer today and everything is covered in water.

    THE chips I left on the mill table were red.

    Not really happy, How do I fix it other than heat the shop full time? Run the air conditioner?

    My poor machines. I installed two of the chinese scales today in a box too. Literature said "non-condensing atmosphere" A small light bulb in electrical cabinets I think is in order.

    I saw this last year but not as bad as this morning. I think it was springtime? Not sure.


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    I heard it before, before you chime in.. A drop of sweat off a electrician will cure cancer.. so they say..

    Ha.. David


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      Anytime the metal is colder than the dewpoint you will have condensation. If the atmosphere is saturated that means colder than the air temperature. Problem around here especially this time of year is it is too dry. Never see any rust.
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        We're getting some of that balmy weather up here in NC now. I have an oil bath radiator plugged in and going full time between my lathe and my shaper. It keeps the ambient temp between the two just warm enough and dry enough that I haven't had any condensation - yet. I had more problems with rust during the summer time.


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          Actually Boo Boo it's 'a drop of sweat from an electrician will 'cause' cancer. Squirt everything with oil and call me in the morning.

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            Buy a dehumidifyer or two from wally-world. Pipe the drain outside so ya don't have to keep dumping the bucket. If the bucket isn't emptied and it fills up, the unit cuts off.

            That's the cheapest way. If you want hi tech I can hook you up with a CargoCare system. Emcore has several here under contract that is keeping propellant loading rooms at 12% humidity right now as it rains outside. For about 25K



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              ummm I think not
              Dehumidifiers are costly to run.
              Or you can make your self an Epsilonifier that costs almost nothing to biuld and almost nothing to run.
              1. find yourself a radiator matrex...from car
              2. set it up with a fan behind it ..lets say 25 watt fan.
              3 Site it at the highest point in your workshop ...because thats where the hottest air is and the hottest air also contains more moisture ...
              Also the greater the difference between hot and cold will cause more condensate
              4.Pipe mains water into it , and have the water piped out of the return down a drain at say 2 gallons an hour.
              catch condensatrion off it and divert down the same drain.
              Run it 24/7 and your problems are over
              there you have it .
              but if your on a water meter forget it.
              OR if you dont like pouring 48 gallons of water down the drain a day forget it.
     wasnt me 'onest guv
              all the best...mark


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                <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by aboard_epsilon:
                ummm I think not
                Dehumidifiers are costly to run.
                Not as costly as replacing machinery! I run
                a dehumidifier, works great. I can't tell
                any difference in the electric bill. It was
                always high. The welders eat up the juice
                more than anything.


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                  Have to heat mine 24/7

                  I use Rig rust preventative. Works great for me even outside for a few days.

                  I get it from Brownells


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                    The crystal type kitty litter works for small ar eas, it's silica gel/ I have a small heater running at the moment in my garage.



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                      Big dehumidifier and pipe it outside just like noted above. I have done this and it works great. I do turn the thing off when I'm in the shop. Drives me nuts to hear it turn on and off while I'm working. I also use LPS when I'm not going to use the equipment for a while. But if I'm due back out in the shop within the next week, I dont bother with LPS.
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                        I been a thinking all day.
                        Not came up with a solution yet. (all the time I was mounting and wiring controls) I found a back plate from a old hoffman enclosure. No box, just a backplate. I'll have to box it in. Mounted Drive, pwr supplies, two opto22 racks, two chinese scales, relay to switch between them. Now I am documenting, reading manuals on doing point to points. And Watching Spiderman2.

                        I was thinking covers for the machines and a light bulb under them. And thinking something to kick on the ac during times of condensing atmosphere. Just like my doggie's house. Keep it warm and snuggly.

                        EVAN? Will a hard drive work in below freezing temperatures? I had one years ago that would not boot till it warmed up. I have not tried yet with it really cold out there.



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                          High dollar units do a nitrogen purge on all cabinets, they have a heater plate in the bottom of the panels too. There is a lot of mass there to heat. THE swing is why they condense? correct? Something to slow the swing of temps?

                          That was at Olin Chemical? Chlorine atmosphere.

                          Ain't nothing like memories. Even bad ones.



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                            My little wrought shop in my garage, no machines but bending gear and jigs, cutoff saw, drill press, a few hand tools, and a small torch for heating metal to bend. Yeah, I wish it only got cold enough to make dew, for now i have frost on everything from now until probably April.

                            Moisture rid buckets, and bar and chain oil. Works for me. I coat my machines with "Bowling alley wax" a few times a year by habit for this prevents dust issues (my garage is dirt floor), and so far has helped with the rust issues.

                            CCBW, MAH


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                              I run a small electric heater in my shop. I have it set to 60 degrees in the winter, a little higher when I am working out there. In the summer I run my air conditioner,setting it on 74 degrees. I do not have any rust problems that way. NE Ohio does get humid in the summer. I figure the cost of running these are cheaper than buying new tools.

                              Paul in NE Ohio
                              Paul in NE Ohio