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Tig welding screw up!!!

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  • Tig welding screw up!!!

    This one might belong in the "Ooops" thread! I was "trying" to tig up an aluminum frame for a guy tonite and screwed up every joint I touched(GRRRRR)! After an hour of wrecking bead after bead, I finally clued in to what was going on. I had mistakenly used my SS brush to brush some tar off the floor on the truck I'm rebuilding. When I cleaned up I forgot that I'd used this brush and put it back in it's usual place. There wasn't much on it but it was enough to wreck a bunch of welds. Glad the guy wasn't there to see the
    Beware of dirty brushes!
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    Familiar with that scenario. Someone used my stainless brush to prep a bit of zinc plated. They kindly put it back where they found it (without asking/telling me).
    Next job on 316 hi-pol with the DC TIG was distinctly untidy