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    Last Thursday I picked up a Partner CNC mill with Centurion I controller for 1300.00 at an auction. The machine has 305 hours on it and is in perfect condition, not even a scratch on the table. I have the machine hooked up and making parts using the programming features in the controller which will do about 90% of what I want to do, but I would like to start drawing and writing programs on my computer. I would like some recommendations on a good Cad Cam program that is reasonably priced or can be downloaded free from the net.
    Thanks, Mark Hockett
    Mark Hockett

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    Have a look here:
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      I run a Partner 1 with centurian 5 on BobCAD and do quite complex molds with it. If you speak nicely to the sales guy you can get it for little $'s compared to most others. Its not to bad to learn, comes with fair documentation and despite what some say about it works well for the money. Not what one would call high end, but works for 99% of any home user's needs.
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