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Human nature raises its ugly head...

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  • Human nature raises its ugly head...

    I know all of you guys and girls need to know what life is like on the outside once in a while - therefore I present for your bewilderment:

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    Thank God I'm an atheist.

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      Man, where do you find this stuff......
      2nd commandment of GORD should be cousins shouldn't marry!!!
      Thanx for a very entertaining read......


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        A friend found it while digging dirt on an x-box for a niece. This guy knows his games. I read the whole thing last night - the whole time I kept reminding myself "man, retail sucks." People actually are that stunned at times - it is sad, yet really funny viewed from "The Gord's" viewpoint.

        John S.
        Read it when you have time - it has nothing to do with religion. Trust me. It is the chronicles of a jaded electronic game retailer in Penticton, BC named "Gord". It is a hoot.

        I especially liked the part about how he like Japanese Kanji writing and had a sign made for his window - translation : "Japanese girlfriend required - apply to management within". Or correcting resumes and mailing them back to the retards that left them with an "F" marked on it. Kid phones him up and asks, "why did you mail it back to me?" You misspelled your own name twice, your spelling and grammar sucks, and you listed your previous jobs in no particular order. "So, do I get the job?" Er, no.


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          Ok, found more you might find humorous.

 - it really depends if you will like this one...
          (read about this in "Stuff" magazine)

 - I don't believe this...


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            You guys need to spend more time in the shop and get away from the computer. Open the windows and let the solvent fumes out.


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              A little laugh never hurt anyone. I sold frozen food door to door and have worked as a musician for quite a while. "Gord" does what pretty much anyone would do if they forget about the "rules" for even a second
              Sorta the same feelings you get when you get a rush job, finish aon tiome and then find out the drawings were wrong. ( just a little insight for those who have never been involved in sales


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                C. Tate:

                You have your own "Acts of Gord" to relate and I am sure it occurs to you at times how bizzare reality really is at times. Or, as I am apt to say: "You can't buy entertainment like this!"

                Just remember this:
                Lady Chatterly: "Winston! You are drunk!"

                Winston Churchill: "Yes madam I am, but you are ugly and tommorow I shall be sober!"


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                  thrud , my fatherinlaw is one of the simplest men i know ,he is also the most decent,happy person youll ever have the fortune to meet. he is excellent at his trade and loves doing it. he has a few sayings ill pass along. be happy at what you do,if not find something different. never make fun of someone less fortunate than yourself. the person who made up that web page is #1 obviously highly intelligent #2 very creative#3 obviously unhappy with his work #4 a classic underachiever #5 a total jerk. i think id rather be my fatherinlaw.


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                    Point well stated and understood. I have worked in retail and people do act this way all the time. I try to treat everyone with dignity and understanding and in the course of my work in retail and was treated deplorably by many people. What you said is true, but that goes two ways. I have stood and calmly explained to someone why they should not act as they are doing out of common courtesy to other customers and employees - all the while taking uncalled for severe verbal abuse from that customer. That is not right either - it happens all the time. Retail customers are some of the most unreasonable (for what ever reason)and nasty spirited people (christmas is worse) I have had the sorry pleasure to meet.

                    While a bouncer I was attacked by drunks - I stopped (without beating them up) them, asked what they thought they were doing and told them to sit down and not bother the other customers or he would be ejected. The owner would come up to me and scream at me "Why did'nt you beat the crap out of him and throw him out". I told him "for the same reason I don't do that to you for yelling at me". Often these "attackers" would stop by the next day an apologise for acting like an ass - they learned something.

                    I understand his (Gord's) frustrations. I think he is a little too rough on people as a result of becoming mean spirited himself. That is not to say we cannot look at his writing and say "can you believe this guy?" Few people experience what retailers go through or see it from their perspective.

                    Despite the bad things as you stated, it does have its merit as a study in human nature - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope we can all learn to better ourselves from it...



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                      thrud i knew you were too smart to be a true redneck albertan. people drive me crazy in my trade too but ridiculing them on the net is a little nasty for my taste