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    hi,guys.i'm thinking about a power feed on my ZAY 45 mill drill table.i read the archive post about the wiper motor drive.Now some people are telling me that a wiper motor loses all it's torque at low speed.they suggest a stepper motor.but don't the electronics get a bit complicated with that?Can anyone tell me the minimum torque required for the table drive?i can get some cheap electric motors with a gearbox attached,but don't know if they would be powerful enough.i've already tried the motor out of a battery drill,but that's just too weak.i presume an electric window motor would have the same problem as the wiper motor?i've been reading up on steppers online,my head's spinning with information overload i value your opinions,fella's(grovel,grovel )


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    Hans...I'm fooling with the same thing right now. Power window motors are no good for this IMO. They get hot pretty quick. The wiper motors are for continuous use and don't seem to heat up. I've got most of my power supply together but find I need a lot more gear reduction than I first thought. I've been scrounging any gears I can get and find most are too big/bulky. the tradition of a true scrounger...I bought an old cash register for 10 bucks...the thing is right full of small gears, bushings etc. There's even 13 feet of hardened 3/16" key stock in the This is for a quill feed. In all honesty...if I could find a quill feed for this thing (M/D) I'd just buy it. I just bought a power feed for it and I really like it. Watching how slow the handle turns and the power it takes makes my quill feed look even more daunting. After taking the 5 minutes to bolt on the "store bought" power feed I'd suggest that you seriously look at one. They seem like a lot of money...until you make your first pass with it!
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      I second torkers suggestion