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OT: Closed on the land.

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  • OT: Closed on the land.

    Anyone remember waaaaaay back in July when we wrote a contract on a piece of land? Well, after a very long wait while the seller's lender straightened things out we closed on it tonight.

    One more stressor gone!!!

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    Congratulations Dan. Now the work begins....

    Paul in NE Ohio
    Paul in NE Ohio


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      Thanks Paul.

      No kidding about the work I need to do. I need to pound in a few steel fence posts before the end of the month. Surprisingly the other portion of the land is being closed on at the end of the month. If I don't do it soon the ground is going to freeze and I'll have to wait until spring.

      I want to mark off our property line that the surveyor came up with.

      Then there are the fallen trees that I want to cut up and drag out of the woods and put at the end of one of the fields.

      Anyway, lots of things on my list including making a decision where my new workshop will be.

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        Congratulations! Good for you.
        You're going to love it. Keeping up with the land will seem like a never ending battle but hang in there. I've been out in the "sticks" for about five years now. The night time views of the stars are worth it. My nearest neighbor is across the road and about 700 feet away. Everyone else is 1/4 mile and up.

        Town is about 3 1/2 miles away and the BIG city is only 40 minutes up the Interstate. Hard to beat the small town atmosphere.

        Enjoy the land!