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Christmas Ideals, Add your thoughts.

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  • Christmas Ideals, Add your thoughts.

    Pedal car for youngsters @ 249.95 part # 918-0019 They got a full line up of pedal cars, Speedy Bill is one of the oldest speed shops in the USA. No connection. He is getting pretty old and Like Honest Charlie's it won't be around forever.

    Also see "LED tail light bulbs there" @ 8.95 each.. I am fixin ta order a couple for my bike.

    From a Flier that came in the mail today.


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    The LED bulbs are available on eby. The guy I bought my hour meters from sells them. Don't remember the prices though. His hour meters were a good buy! He's got a lot of different LED lights (auto/truck).

    I'm looking for a floor model drill press in my stocking this year. I'd settle for a 50A plasma cutter or 250A MIG though. Even a 12k four-post lift would be nice. Those 9k two-post's seem to flex a little under a truck. Spooky!

    Heck, I'd be grinnin' ear to ear if Santa left a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.


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      My buddy gave me an early present of a Led-Lenser is has a single LED and 3-AAA batteries and damn, is it bright. Designed by a German company, made in China - Anodised Aluminum, waterproof, and bright enough to blind a person. They sell them at Lee Valley Tools for $44.50 Canadian ( sku# 45K19.55). These are very light and have a push button switch in the rear cap for momentary use or it can be clicked for constant light. I deal for a ladies purse, your pocket, or survival bag 1"dia x 3" and has a lanyard and nylon protective case.
      Not as useful a weapon as a 6 D-cell Maglight - sorry

      They also have a small goose neck model that can plug into the USB port of your laptop - might be handy for you astronomer types - it also has an car adapter and a battery pack. I have most of these Led Lenser flashlights myself and they are very well made - highly recommended.


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        My wife and I agreed not to purchase anything for each other again this year. We seem to buy what ever we need throughout the year so neither of us really needs anything major. I would however like to get my wife something at Christmas time for a graduation present. Both of us received our associates degrees when we were I went back to school and obtained my BS and MS degrees then after that I convinced her it was her turn. She will be graduating at the end of this semester(next week) with her BS degree but won't be going to graduation. I'm thinking a surprise dinner out with some family and friends.


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          Hey Thrud,

          'Not as useful a weapon as a 6 D-cell Maglight - sorry'

          Are you talking about using it as a club, or for blinding someone with the beam. There's a 10 Million Candlepower Lantern out now for about $50 bucks at Cabelas. Hi and low power. Heavy too. About 17 pounds. Guaranteed to blind someone temporarily. I got me one. I'm thinking about making a mount in the back of my 4Runner with a remote switch and using it on those people who tailgate me at night.


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            I have a lawyer and brakes for that...

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              PaulGrandy, A common trick around here is to mount a pair of low profile lights under the back bumper of trucks to "discourage" tailgaiters. They're reffered to as "scumbag" lights


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                We got two very large plasma cutters, one is sitting outside behind my house. They were using it when we bought it. Union Carbide? is what I remember. It would cut up to 2" thick.

                Bring a big truck and I'll throw in a welder.