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  • Hernob 2000

    Anybody use one? Eastwood claims they cut like a Plasma and weld like a TIG. Is that just marketing? I figure if they do that I won't need to get a TIG and Plasma Cutter.

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    There was a discussion of the Henrob quite a while ago...try a search of the archives to find what was said then.

    I get the idea that most of the "magic" is in the hands of the guy using it, but it does have its own characteristics that may be the hands of somebody who has the skill to take advantage of them. But that's just my take on what I've read.

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      SGW's take is pretty much correct. If you do not have a torch set, the Henrob might be a good purchase. If you do have a good O/A setup, you can do most that the Henrob can already with what you have.

      Another torch to consider is the Meco from Tinman Tech I have not used one, and have no interest, but it has many of the advantages of the Henrob at a lower price. You can add accessories as needed.
      Jim H.


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        Have used one to weld 16 ga aluminum with great results ... but it was not my torch and I didn't feel it was worth the money at the time. I belive there is a henrob knock off called the Cobra for a lot less. I think Fournier Enterprises sells them.


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          I don't like my Henrob because I literally can't come to grips with the pistol-grip handle. I've grabbed hold of it in every way I can think of (including "pencil" style around the tip body) and find it really awkward. But others don't seem to have any problem with it. I don't do any flame cutting so I can't address how it is for that, but I can't say that I've noticed any difference in how it welds.

          I've got two of the Meca Midget torches, and they are way handier to use, not to mention a lot less expensive than the Henrob.

          I packed the Henrob away after a couple of hours of use, and doubt I'll ever unpack it.



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            I have had one for about 15 years.

            It is all hype.

            It does not cut like a plasma cutter at all.

            It cuts iron like O/A and other metals like melting a crude kerf with a torch.

            It takes a lot of practice to make nice welds, just like any other torch.

            It also puts your hands much closer to the intense heat, unlike conventional torches.

            In short, there is nothing the Henrob can do that a conventional torch setup can't do and both require practice and patience.

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              At work my brother in law has a henrob, I've never cared for it. It doesn't cut like a good plasma cutter and even in his experienced hands won't weld like I can with our Tig. It's also slower than both the Plasma and the Tig.

              -Christian D. Sokolowski