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  • New uses for a South Bend:

    Hold up your cookie racks while you use the nearby heat-treating ovens to cook 'em:

    The rest of the story Here. Including the radial-arm mixer and makin' parts!

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)

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    very intersting!


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      Cool story Doc...Thanks for that! Nice shop they have there!
      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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        hardened & tempered cookies, yum.


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          Those are CHOCOLATE chips in the cookies, right? We don't want curly ones or little blue 6's and 9's for chips. Only chocolate.


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            Heat treating cookies? Twisted good idea!



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              Roll of toilet paper and a garbage can? Maybe ex-lax instead of choclate chips.


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                I like the way they put the additional lights over each lathe.


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                  Yep, they had to do that a few years back. Ther shop used to be lit with... I don't know, some sodium-halide bulbs, or some other mega-output industrial type lights.

                  A few years ago, when it came time to replace several of them (I assumed due to outdated ballasts or something) they were replaced with the lights in there now. More energy efficient, faster to come on, etc, but noticibly less bright.

                  They couldn't (or wouldn't?) rewire the shop for more lights (the main overheads anyway) so the teach cobbled (they're actually very well done) these fixtures for each machine.

                  Forrest- No, no shop-chips. They cleaned off all the nearby machines, and drop-clothed the three nearest. (The one on the right in the above pic is a 3-axis Bridgeport CNC with EZ-Trak controls.)

                  They also have a Bridgeport CNC lathe, it's not shown, but opposite the mill row. Great shop, wish I had half the tools.

                  Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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                    Geeze Doc, Ya cook too? Watch it - some burly lumberjack chick that don't shave will cart you off to the chapel if you ain't careful! And that ain't right - even for a bear...

                    Nice shop the school has. Hope that "cookie mixer" wasn't dripping oil into the mix - I hate that when that happens...


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                      The lab where I work has a nice digital temp gage that I check my heat treat oven with. That oven is dead on +/- 5آ؛F during cycles. I used the same gage to check the oven I installed for my wife. Its a nice gas GE oven but it runs +/- 10آ؛ to 15آ؛ depending during cycles. Which means, them cookies are probably perfect.
                      Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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                        Nice work!

                        One day I'll post the recipe for my Wualkesha GZ140 manifold barbique
                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          Doc, can I stop by for cookies? Today is my birthday! No end to the reasons to have many machine tools!


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                            But do you have proper engineering drawings for the cookies? Specs on the size, weight, chocolate content, number, location, and proper orientation for the chips? Etc., etc.

                            Your "cookie shop" is equiped to make the most accurate cookies ever. I hope you aren't just winging it.

                            Paul A.
                            Paul A.

                            Make it fit.
                            You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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