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Evan, or other computer web camera question.. Related topic.

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  • Evan, or other computer web camera question.. Related topic.


    I am working on the automation software.
    QUestion? How can I extend the USB microsoft webcam (looks like a eyeball) out to 50' from the computer? I want to place it where I can watch the automatic casting process from the house on another computer. Should I purchase a network ip addressed camera? Or will the USB work? I can include the "webcam picture" in a activeX picture on the software if needed. (I was experimenting w/digitizing real objects)

    Networking, next question.. Can I access it USB from the other machine w/networking and filesharing?.

    I am quite sure you have experimented with this cam and others taking outside photos. If I do have to use a Ip addressed camera that opens up the world to watch what I am doing.

    Yep. see the fat biker drink beer, etc. Not something I really want.

    Something neato, The opto22 network (80's junk) you can download a number of pulses into the serial board (generate frequency for ## milleseconds) the PID is in the servo drives. neato.. "dump freq data and forget". It'll stop where to say. Not interpolation mind you but it would do that too if the commands were triggered at same time. I am up to my neck in software, most all the hardware has came in from ebay.
    I got a seperate module to include into my programs using MsComm to handle all the communication. I LOVE that about VB6 & Windows. Neato..


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    USB is good to twenty feet or so no problem. If you use USB 2.0 cables which are better shielded than 1.1 you can probably go 30 or so. All you need are some extension cables, cheap if you buy them at the right place. To go to fifty feet you can put a self powered hub at 25 or so feet and then hang another 25 feet on that.

    There may be some networking products that work over USB but why not just use a wireless router?

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      BY stretching the cable, I might get 5 feet up, then 15 feet to exterior wall. I'll shop for a extension cable. The Ip address cameras are pretty pricy still. (I was lookin)

      I have a cat5 cable stretched down to the shop for networking. I had to use it to register my XP. Windows continues to "ask" got internet connections. I saw it (Mach2) bobble during a cut, looked at the screen and saw a balloon asking to "for updates stay connected to MSN." I was mad enough to format.

      A metal shop building dissallows the wireless network cards. Or cut the antennae? and put it under a rafter?

      Up to my neck in software bugs. Toggle checkboxes to indicate input/output changes from 4 different screens, common names, used names, allotting declared variables/names. taking about four programs and combining them now.

      I simplified my punch press. Took off the 232 scale, put a stepper positioned lower ls, breaks the solonoid valve w/Ls, up Ls breaks up valve pwr, Using a single point to power the ram like a plotter - pen up/down command. The computer is oblivious to actual ram positions, only reads the up/dn status. Acts like positioning the Lower ls as another axis. I have used it for a "press" but not used it as a production device yet. I have a electrical joystick and a man/auto switch. Man it is scary looking at a pressure guage indicating toward 5,000 pounds. Shrapnel? Makes me want to hide behind something.

      The chinese scale slowed me down to a crawl. I took it off and put it onto the old shaper cross slide where it doesn't matter. (1.5 to 2 seconds per stroke gives you lots of overhead time) Shaper has it's own control system, but is networked to use computer while shaper sits idle.



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        If you can't do wireless then look for something like this.

        Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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          NEat, but I already have a investment on my network and traditional cabling.

          I am currently looking for a intercom that works through the wiring in the house also. Hook my shop, house and the neighbors house together. (same transformer)

          I wonder what, if any lightning would have on that system. On top of this hill we have a few strikes. It blowes the ground rod loose, causing the ground cable potential to rise rapidly to serious-harmful levels, going back through grounded neutral appliances and out the neutral to the pole to be shared by others. (A older two wire thing, but they still exist)

          Local utility companies are removing the lightning arrestor cable that runs above all switchyards. I am still clueless as to why, except they wanted me to take a bare cable loose above a "hot" switchyard and hold it while swinging it around and clearing it from over the yard. I refused of course. Let someone else if they have little enough sense to try. Ever take a cable loose and hold it? while in a fiberglass boom bucket truck? Yep, you swing till the weight=deflection equalizes and the cable sags! I tried to caculate the weight per foot versus the deflection / droop and got a headache.

          If you are scared, just say you are.. HA, I do when I am. People of little minds think little thoughts. Maybe it'll be alright? Last I heard after I refused and stated the reasons Nobody wanted "that job". I still got all my fingers.



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            Hey IBEW....

            Good for you....I'd have refused that one too.
            Taken down lots of overhead cables from a bucket and sure wouldn't attempt it over a live switchyard.



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