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Homemade Hot Blue Formula

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  • Homemade Hot Blue Formula

    Homemade Hot Blue Formula
    I have seen a lot of posts on blackening tool posts and other things.
    I under stand that some things (bluing salts) are hard to get
    for some of you. I hope that this helps. I have NOT tried this but
    it should work. I use RUST bluing or Brownells bluing salts

    Happy holidays
    Be safe.

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    Amonium Nitrate eh?
    Suddenly my mind is thinking about other things than bluing.


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      Oh yea, that should be MUCH easier to get! Unless you have a farm, you better have a good excuse to tell when the FBI and ATF show up.


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        Maybe if you purchase over 1000lbs at a crack... a sack or two will not cause a second look.
        Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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          Ammoniun Nitrate is no longer available in Australia even if you want to use it as fertiliser,something to do with terrorists I believe? It is still used for commercial blasting but I wouldn't like my chances at trying to buy it for any purpose what a great way to get a visit from the cops!


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            Yeah, you can buy small amounts at wallyworld even...


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              Lawn fertiliser in one kilo boxes.
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                On a similar note I tried to buy red phosphorus for a flame retardent project at work. So I call up my regular chemical supplier to place the order and I'm told I need to fill out DEA paperwork? A quick web search turned up the fact that it's used to make meth-amphetamine! I went the old-fashioned way and used antimony oxide and a halogen donor.

                -Christian D. Sokolowski


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                  Red phosphorus??? Not too many legit uses for that around the homestead, excepting strike anywhere stick matches.
                  Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                    Will, I still see fertiliser trucks out here with the Ammonium Nitrate hazardous goods tag on the trailer. I haven't looked in a feed store for a while, but I am fairly certain my father still has a bag of nitropril tucked away. He used it to get fishing worms. Spread it and water it, about 15 minutes later the earthworms evacuate


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                      Many Chemicals are under the watchful eye of Big Brother. They also follow the money trail too. Where I live they watch the precursers for explosives and illicet drug manafacturing. Meth labs are poping up everywhere. 30 years ago I worked for the worlds largest rock producer. I would drive to New Jersey and Delaware and bring back 73,000 pounds of amonium nitrate routinely. We were limited of course to shooting no more than 150,000 pounds at a time in our quarries. Some where I read Timothy Mcveigh used around 5,000 pounds so you can figure the difference in our booms. I grew up on a farm and we would go to the hardware store and buy dynamite to blast stumps and beaver dams and ditches you could buy it right over the counter. Now days you have to be licensed to get explosives. I think that is good with the changes we have had in our society. We basically have open borders and anyone could walked into the Country Hardware store and bought what they needed to become a terrorist. But what most people don't realize is gasoline is even worse than amonium nitrate and look how available it is.
                      There is a lot to think about what is available to us in basically a free state.
                      The main reason we did not have terrist activities in America is that most of the terrorist were geting their funding from stupid Americans. Osama Bin Laden did not need the money so he became a direct threat.
                      This is a Machining BB and I may have gotten way off topic but it is an interesting topic. I just hope the government doesn't start regulating lathes and mills, etc., because thay could be used by terrorist.


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                        Already have. A plumber I know was arrested for owning black powder, a lathe, and pipe nipples and end caps. He never served time, thou he was arrested.

                        Yeah, he was heavily tattooed and had old motorcycle club ties. If they paint someone as a "monster" first. NORMAL society says this is perfectly alright to do this to monsters.
                        Timothy McVeigh comes immediately to mind, the CNN line hit me "Unable to prove his innocence". I was in shock for days from that line. Trial proved him to be a monster, I don't dispute the end result, just the CNN headline shocked me.

                        THEN, owning any books on making a full automatic out of any weapon and a milling machine. Clear and purposeful intent acknowledged by possesion of both. GUILTY!

                        And it is going to get worse. Not sure what to do unless we all clean shave, cover our tattoos and move in next to Evan. You can see every policeman I pass, he just knows I am guilty of something. Past questions included "I can't afford a Harley, how can you?" I suggested to the last one that said that to get a "better job" and he got really angry. I think I almost got beat that day.
                        Another day I almost got shot in the head for speeding, kneeling right there with the deputies hand shaking holding a pistol to my head. Yep. Don't do that in the South.



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                          You should move up here brother. It may be cold mut the only snakes, rats, and vermin we have are in Ottawa ruining the county. Some dumb ****s out east keep electing the bastards and they keep screwing us - but someday we hope Ontario will retain an attention span longer than 5 minutes and remember that the Liberals are screwing everyone in Canada next time the dumb ****s vote - we can only hope.

                          Rant mode off. Merry Christmas!


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                            From "Engineering Workshop Practice" by A W Judge.
                            BLUE FINISH ON STEEL.
                            There are two principal methods of obtaining a blue finish on steel parts, namely,(1) the chemical, and (2) the heating methods. One recommended chemical method is to brush or sponge over the previously polished surface of the steel with a solution consisting of 2 parts of crystallised chloride of iron, 2 parts solid chloride of antimony, and 1 part of gallic acid in 4 to 5 parts of water. Allow the parts to dry in the air. This operation should be repeated two or three times,Afterwards wash well in water, dry, and rub with boiled linseed oil to darken the shade.
                            The heating method consists in first giving the surfaces their final polish and then heating them uniformly until the original cold steely appearance gradually changes to the required shade of blue. Then remove the source of heat and allow the articles to cool in air. Small objects may be heated in a sand bath, or in a mixture consisting of equal parts of fine sand and powdered charcoal.
                            Another method for small pieces is to place them on a flat bar of iron mounted over a bath of water or lubricating oil. The bar is heated from below with a gas flame until they start to colour. When they have become blue, the bar is tilted so as to upset the objects into the liquid below.

                            There is a method of obtaining a brown finish on steel and for blackening steel. All under the chapter "miscellaneous workshop hints and recipes". I haven't tried any myself.It is an old English book.
                            Merry Christmas, Ken

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                              Whether you are speeding or not I'll bet you let off on the gas when you see the law. Don't feel like you are alone I do it too. Our society has made a knee jerk reaction to the terrorist activities of the last few years. We all are paying the price. You can be as legit as can be but you will still be under a scrutonous(sp) eye. What scares me is there people with absolutely no idea or concerns of what their actions will do to others making decisions in this free country we live in. Good luck with the purchase of the chemicals you need and don't let that body art influence the regulators or the sellers. I believe body art should fall under free speach the first amendment that one is next on their list for removal. My appologies for getting a little off the thread topic.