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Need to glue HSS to Aluminum 6061

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  • Need to glue HSS to Aluminum 6061

    I need to glue a HSS shim to an aluminum block of 6061 grade. I have tried Epoxy with FG and also the Last Glue (supposed to glue it all). I cannot add much more thickness to it either. I also don't need any strengh as far as pull or tear - just enough for the shim to stay in place.

    Thanks for the help!!

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    Have you tried Cyanoacrylate?


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      Try polyurithane glue. Why was epoxy not adequate?


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        A good contact cement would hold it in place if you don't need any strength.



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          Right up my alley since I work in the adhesives industry.

          I have had sucess with JB weld epoxy. Also cyanoacrylate (super glue) as suggested will work. A good PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) will also work well provided it's applied right. Any chance you could heatseal it under some pressure? I have a fantastic heatseal adhesive I could give you, you'd have to heat it to about 400F then let it cool with a weight on it. JB weld would be your easiest option but you'll want about 0.001" thickness minimum for a good bond. Also clean the metal very well with a brush followed by MEK or similar.


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            I would be highly tempted to use a contact cement, one that doesn't get brittle, and probably one that is solvent based.
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              Silver solder.
              I agree, super glue should work fine. Remember to clean the heck outta it. You will need to clamp it very tight to get a minimum joint thickness and strenth. I would let it sit for several hours if time is not an issue.

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                Have you tried double sidded tape? The type we use for holding thin parts when we machine them. Super powerfull and it stands some detergent as well.


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                  Thanks for all the tips. I tried CA but I might not have waited long enough - Patience, who needs it, right?
                  I wil also try the JB and double face tape.

                  RSR911 - Thanks for the offer. Let me try these options first and if they don't work I will take up your offer.

                  Happy holidays and I will report back!!!