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OT: What's your favorite sipping liquor for stress reduction?

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  • OT: What's your favorite sipping liquor for stress reduction?

    I'm as close to being a non-drinker as I can get without truly being one. I've been known to go years between having any alcoholic beverages.

    I've got several (5) major things going on right now and another major thing that just finished last week that, together, are creating a lot of stress (both good and bad) in my life.

    I'm looking for a good sipping liquor so I can go home, sit down, turn on some music, and have a glass of something to help relax my nerves.

    What are your favorites?

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    For the smaller glass, Barbados Rum takes a bit of beating.

    If you wanted something in pints, get hold of some John Smiths Extra Smooth Bitter.



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      Bailey's Irish Cream ... one bottle lasts me about 3 years Only 5 you say?


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        Single malt scotch. Islay for preference.
        Heaven in a bottle


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          The cleanest head, smoothest, least complications sippin' is, in my opinion, Stolichnia(sp). The label looks generic but it's smooth and pure. The Russians have it over even the Scandinavians on making vodka.
          Jack's "no. 7" isn't bad for a bourbon.

          Avoid anything flavored, blended, or touted as a good mixer. Bad head + hangover.

          With that out of the way, I can't recomend drinking as a solution to any real problems. At least in my personal experience.

          Bill Cook

          If ya wannit done your way ya gotta do it yourself.


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            Glenmorangie Port wood finish Scotch.


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              "I can't recomend drinking as a solution to any real problems."

              Don't worry there Bill Cook. I'm just in the mood for a relaxing evening. I'm not starting a new hobby.


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                I'm with Thrud. Real chocolate milk in glass bottles.
                Jim H.


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                  Not really for stress, the gym is for that. But for something I like sippin, tequila.

                  Been through some of the major brands and some obscure types. Went on recommendations from others and "The Beverage Tasting Institute" recommendations.

                  After a bunch we (wife/I) come back to Patron tequila. JRouche



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                    Southern Comfort...

                    A bit of 7Up or similar and a few ice cubes makes a wonderful relaxer.
                    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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                      Like pgmrdan I am not much of a drinker; even having done some homebrewing briefly. I generally get in bed with a good book to relax. If I want to go to sleep non-fiction will usually do it pretty fast.

                      But I will say this: there have been a couple time when the lower back pain just about had me out of commission and then I had couple of stiff drinks. Back pain went away. I think sometimes I overdo the muscles and they just can't get relaxed, but a couple of scotch's or whatever will to it. Just a nice buzz, not a real drunk.


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                        I like to swill back 9 or 12 moosehead lagers and then go onto my favorite HSM site. Madman (BUUURP)


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                          1000 year tequilia? is that right? Real Mexican Metzcal w.(hopefully the peyote)Worm
                          Wild turkey by the shot glass.
                          Evan Williams 120? proof. by the shot.
                          Crown royal by the shot.

                          The Brown ale english beer John S: recommended? the name escapes me. Kinda flat for a american palate thou. My dog will climb your leg and take it away. I can see the yellow, red and brown box in my minds eye. BUT the name escapes me.

                          Real cold Northern Budwieser, tastes different than the southern distributed beer.

                          I am not supposed to have "any" of it nowadays.



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                            Obans Scotch, single malt whickey.

                            But I can't drink anymore, Diabetes.


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                              IBEW, are you thinking of Newcastle brown ale? Great stuff.