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OT(?): Tractor restoration book titles?

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  • OT(?): Tractor restoration book titles?

    Got my land so soon I'll need (OK, want) a tractor.

    Anyone have recommendations on a good book or two on general tractor selection/maintenance/repair/etc.?

    I've looked at the Motorbooks International book on restoration and it looks OK. It goes through getting one tractor into show condition and another tractor into user condition. Any better books out there?


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    Do you know about
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      I'd first spend a little time at your local library and see what they have regarding the subject.


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        It's been a while but I've seen that one. Have you seen this one?


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          The two best tractors are Ford from about 1953 to the late 70s in the 35hp to 50hp size. Stay clear of the Ford with the "selectomatic transmission" . The only lemon they ever had. Then there is the Massey Ferguson in the 35 series to the 235 series. These two machines will do everything you would every want on a small farm. John Deere is good of course to but I am not familiar with them. Good luck. My tractor is a restored 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee.


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            the best books you can get are the owner's and maintenance manuals. some may disagree, but if you want an older tractor (pre-1970 or so) probably the most thorough sets of manuals available are from John Deere. i've seen other manuals from other sources, and Deere factory manuals are clearer (both in appearance as well as instructions) than any others.

            one thing you need to decide before you even go looking is what you want to do with the tractor. do you want a loader? then power steering is a big plus. do you want to use 3-pt implements that need a hydraulic lift? then live hydraulics are needed. do you want a tricycle or row crop tractor, or will a utility (lower to the ground) tractor better suit your needs. will you use it for mowing, or dragging stuff around, or plowing, etc.? do you want the thrill of bringing something really old (pre-1940 or so) back to useful condition, or a more modern tractor? all questions that you should think about before deciding which tractor may be best.

            i've got a few "project tractors" around my place, and they can become as addictive as the machining hobby.


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              STEINER.COM tractor parts has a nice catalog with books and parts for most old models.
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                Found a very good one. Thought I'd post the title and author for the future searches of others.

                Antique Tractor Bible by Spencer Yost.

                Good book for the beginner. Helps in the selection process, covers safety, history, maintenance, implements, etc. Exactly what I was looking for.

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