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How old is this Steptoe Shaper?

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  • How old is this Steptoe Shaper?

    Recently aquired a 14" Steptoe shaper. I believe this shaper may not be very old, perhaps 60's or 70's vintage??

    Looking at the "modenish" appearance of the nmtba tag makes me think this machine is not that old...

    pic of 3 brass tags & nameplates

    The serial number is AS42693TBS. I have been able to determine that "AS" designates a 14" model, and that unit 41914 was built in 1947. So mine was a little over 800 units later.

    Figure with the introduction of the vertical mill, the usefullness of shapers, and the yearly units produced probably was in decline starting in the early 50's.

    Anybody have any idea how old it might be? I also would be interested in purchasing any original Steptoe Shaper literature that might be available.

    Here are some other pics...

    front/side view
    back/side view
    closeup of vise & table
    operator side

    It has a 3 HP motor, and does not have a backgear.

    Was wondering if anybody out there might know the yr of manufacture of their Steptoe and could post their SN. Perhaps a few data points and I could ballpark the year.

    Thanks, Mark

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    Mark,I've got the great grandpappy of your shaper. Mine only has one tag on the top ram.It says John Steptoe and Sons. I'll have to take a picture of it. It works great after a thorough teardown and cleaning. I don't know how old it is or have any info about it. George


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      i can't provide any helpful info, but that machine looks to be in beautiful condition. quite a find!

      andy b.
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        For a copy of the user's manual, try - they have them, ref. MS616.

        Out of interest, what's that vertical cylindrical device on the left hand side near the ram? Is it an auto oiler?

        Nice machine...

        All of the gear, no idea...


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          Ian B wrote:
          "Out of interest, what's that vertical cylindrical device on the left hand side near the ram? Is it an auto oiler?"

          It is an oil filter for the presurised oiling system.