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  • OT: Question for PHiers

    Hey what lathe is that green one ya got in your shop?

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    It is the Grizzly 12x36 gearhead. (G4003)
    Cost is 1995.00 usd direct from grizzly.

    Paul in NE Ohio
    Paul in NE Ohio


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      Was it a good investment? I'm thinking of getting my own tooling instead of going to the shop after hours to work on my hobby.
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        I have one of those too.

        Nowadays I wish I had saved a little bit more for the 14x40, but then, had I done that I would have wished I had the next biggest one again!!!

        It will happily take 40 thou per pass from aluminium and brass, and 20 thou from mild steels and stainless. Can do most anything you want it to only takes time. I am happy with my lathe.


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          only .020?


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            I have taken bigger bites than 20 thou with mine without complaint. I use carbide insert tooling mostly altho I do use some high speed tooling sometimes. I have been quite happy with mine. I have a friend that just recently bought the same lathe, he had a jet 9x20 before. He thinks he died and went to heaven.

            I think for those of us that cannot justify nine thousand dollars for a new south bend, without tooling yet, the grizzly is a good buy.


            AS far as the 14x40 goes, heck I can barely get the 12x36 in my tiny shop.
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            Paul in NE Ohio

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            Paul in NE Ohio


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              I bet that southbend lathe is made in China.


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                Probably Taiwan, at least the sub 10yr old
                SB G26 at the local trade school were made
                in Taiwan. The odd thing was that the 9"
                SBs they had, that looked to have been pre
                WW11 designs, were made in Korea, except for
                one that was out of service that was US made.
                They were fairly nice lathes, but not much different from my HF 12x36. They had to have a cutoff switch installed to prevent students from running the apron into the chuck. This happened about once every 18mo and resulted in one or more broken gears and an $800-1500 repair job. Steve

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                  I've seen an identical lathe to the one in the link made by Extron in taiwan. Good quality...
                  Precision takes time.


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                    hey phiers join the cad_cam_edm_dro group on yahoo and see the folder with the GEM500G mill (picture section) its exactly what im trying to do exept mines will have a toll changer