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Funny Ha Ha on me.. More funny to look at..

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  • Funny Ha Ha on me.. More funny to look at..

    I got this program going on I am editing and it is working after a fashion..

    Of course bugs. I got all the opto22 boards from the shop screwed to a piece of plywood. You know the ones I was so proud to win on ebay. Serial boards, a 232/422 convertor bd, two digital output boards and a analog for the smelter furnace fan/PID temp.

    You know I am shaped kinda like a barrel, used to be like a golf tee, now just a barrel. I been writing the code for each one of the lil blinky lights on the output modules. Most worked right off.

    I couldn't get one to light up, I rechecked code over and over, and over and over.. you get the ideal.. Nothing wrong with the code, put the address in next space in the lil box and space data and it lights, go back the the one I want to use and no light. (I wrote all this from scratch)

    SO I get down on my hands and knees.. this is of course after drinking a few shots to ward off the cold that is coming on.. I am down there looking like a bear, or barrel or hippo.. Squinting at the board.. and ..

    NO LED.. it got broke off in shipment, it ain't there.. I been working on it (this one bug) since about six, and it is now 11:30..

    30 years experience as a electrician my butt.

    I think I'll go to bed. Carrol went off hours ago. I can solder on a new LED tomorrow.

    David.. one more for the cold so I don't need nyquil? Cheers

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    One more? Yeah, then you will wake up at three o'clock... and another. Trust me.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with my super bright shop lights. They are definitely resetting my body clock when I stay up to maybe 22:00 machining. If I do that two days in a row on the weekend then I am totally jet lagged during the week and fall asleep in my chair after supper. If I don't do it I am wide awake during the weekday evenings. I just shut it down at 21:30 tonight. Now I'm sitting here typing this and not the least bit sleepy. Wife is in bed, I should be too.
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      Read something, I cant stay awake and read, Reading makes me tired quicker than anything else.


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        Well, I just read your post and I'm still not sleepy. Maybe if you made it longer?
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          One thing Irmeli and I discussed was the insanity that comes from living above the "darkness line/extended daylight" in Finland. Lots of people go nuts.

          I am a outdoors type person. I love to be outside. Still with the jobs I take at times I work outside when I can. I passed on a job next to the LAKE there up in Northern Michigan. Ten years there would have retired me with money in the bank. I didn't think I could endure it. Plus ten years in a chemical plant retires lots of people who are so sick the rest of thier life they can't enjoy it.

          Right now, I am recovering from the thyroid problems. Kinda messed up. I have been freezing for days. Chemical imbalances.

          Something neato, the networked control system I have here on the board, it runs while surfing, runs while doing other tasks. I upped the communication rates to 38400 baud and reset the system call timer on the software to 125 milliseconds. It does not seem to bother the 1.6 machine in the least while surfing or ebaying. First thing about Windows I found that I like. Plus, I have mostly wrote a cnc program in visual basic on the same controller level. It reads Gcodes and interperts them to start/run phase generator, punch press by gcodes and monitors everything. Hardwired estops will be placed throughout the shop. The opto22 boards accept a millesecond square wave configurable output the stepper/servo drives like. Trigger and forget. Plus the PID is onboard the servos. You can dump at full speed and they ramp up themselves, store counts on the cpu memory.

          How do you feel about my system controlling the burner on the smelter? Safe? I have hardwired a normal type gas valve and thermocouple in there as well as a independent but software enabled PID loop controller. Loss of flame was one concern. Nothing like a blower and gas valve running w no flame to really get your attention what is going on. POOF! where did the metal on my building go? In addition to the controller I added another thermocouple to a 0/50mv input. It won't read accurrate temps but it will ensure they are there. DOuble safteys.
          Die casting is what I am after. From the first purchases of cnc/mill to now. I do need to "hide it" till I get established thou. Then I can move into a proper atmosphere. Nothing like nosesy neighbors. I got some too. I have caught four or five regulars walking up to my gate and looking around.
          When you make a buck, always someone there to want "thier" share. I sat and watched a pvc extruding machine spit 90 elbows in a bucket, one after another. Quite refreshing. The cartridge heaters are on the way.. by the way.. ha.. next job?

          You might need sleeping meds, I have a script for oral dissolving tabs that knock me out in about ten minutes. They were designed for self-induced stress Insomnia. What I have.

          There is no meaner person to work for than yourself. Nobody can induce higher standards upon yourself then yourself.
          (you asleep yet?)



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            You are right about the toughest boss. Lots of time I am up till 2 or 3 working on some design or another. Back at it at 8 or 9 the next day. You always want to get "a little more done....".



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              I know about living above the "darkness line/extended daylight", I live in Alaska. Lots of people go nuts here too. Some people use those "sunlights" to counter act the effects.

              And you are so right about "There is no meaner person to work for than yourself." I quit my job almost every week (sometimes several times during the week) and my boss will not let me go (the bastard). He will not even fire me when I really screw up. All he ever does is stand there smiling at me nodding his head aprovingly or shakes his head and says "Well that was really stupid! Do it again."


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                I have a honeywell furnace controller you might be interested in. It has the preamp for a purple peeper flame eye.

                I can look for it if you are interested...