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  • NewbeRmith Results & addt'l questions

    Thanks to all who helped with advice. I decided on the HF 9x20 and the HF minimill/drill. Both on sale till 12/26. Addt'l questions. Is a band saw really needed (they are also on sale). Workbench. For my wood working benchs I just go to the used building supply and buy a 1 3/4 inch slab solid core door. I priced a couple today and a 28 inch 6 foot door is $8. Are the metal stands something worth considering? They sure look good. If I use the wood door I plan on putting both the lathe and mill on the same bench???
    I do see a major problem and that is getting a 225 lb lathe (and mill) for that matter up on the bench. Do they come apart? And if so that seems to be the time to clean them.
    Again I value your opinions
    Bob Smith


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    If your dead set on those tools, I suggest you read Steve Bedairs web page on upgrading that lathe. 250lbs is lightweight, hehe. You can slide the tailstock off, remove the leadscrew pillow block, and slide the carriage off, remove the motor, etc.
    The Mini mill can be taken apart into 2 main pieces, the base and head.Can further remove the table from the base if you want. Easy to do.
    A band saw, I use mine just about every time I go and start another project, Yes its needed. You can try using a cut off saw, or other methods, most use the bandsaw. The 4x6 bandsaw your talking about right?
    IF I was to buy that bandsaw again, I would go get grizzlies version of it. It has a much nicer stand.
    Now I feel obligated to say this, Are you sure you don't want to go looking for some used American made tools?

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      Hi Bob If I were you I would try to find some help to get these machines in situ.
      Once they are properly positioned you will probably never move them again.
      I would not reccomend taking them completely apart simply because they are heavy,even if you pay for some help it will be over and done before you can say bo didley otherwise you are looking at a lot of work.
      On the other hand if you are the kind of guy who likes to strip things down completely and re do them, clean, or even dare I say it paint them etc then this is the way to go, but if it's just to save lifting a great weight a few feet then ask for help.
      Bill is also right second hand tools if bought wisely will be better value as they are bound to be better made so long as they have been well cared for and not misused then I would also suggest taking your time and exploring this avanue first.
      However if you are set on new and your budget will allow eastern machines there are many here who have faired well with them . Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Alistair Hosie:
        or even dare I say it paint them


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