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  • lodge&shipley info, specs, etc...

    does anyone have any manuals, specs, whatnot on a lodge and shipley 18" lathe, built about 1928? looking for anything that you may have, to have copied or purchase. also, anyone have a chuck out there for it, threaded spindle, if i recall offhand its a 5&3/8X6tpi. have a four jaw, and a itty bitty 3 jaw, looking for a big 3 or 6 jaw. anyway, thanks in advance.
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    Lodge & Shipley is now part of Monarch Lathes. Go to;
    and look for the Monarch link.
    The Monarch people are very easy to deal with, I'm sure they will be able to help.


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      Go to the chaski site and search Lodge and Shipley. There are 3 or 4 of us who have old Lodge& Shipley's and email regularly back and forth. One of the guys bought an old manual on Ebay and has been very helpful.


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        hello again, and thanks for the replies. monarch is/has been helpfull, but the lathe is pre-1929 so they have nothing on it. all records, etc before 1929 are non-existant. i have several manuals that came with the machine, only a few are actually for it. monark does have parts, but getting them out of the warehouse is another thing, as nothing that old is labeled or inventoried properly. luck of the draw for getting a parts man that knows or saw that particular item in the recent past. anyway, i will check out that website, and check in here often to see who is doing what with the old lodges. oh, tidbit of trivia, monark sold all portions of their lathe manufacturing, during the same period l&s sold all portions of the shearing and press manufacturing. during this time in the early 90s, (1992+/-) monark acquired l&s' lathe division, renaming that division monark. also, they kept all inventory for older monark lathes, so parts are not a problem for a monark. also, at this same time, leblond-regal purchased all rights, inventory, etc to southbend lathes, so parts for just about any vintage sb is not a problem either.
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