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  • Home made balance tool

    Hi People
    Here are some pictures of a knife edge balancing tool that I made some while ago. I hope that you find them interesting.

    The knife is a planner blade held in the alumium block with set screws. The surfaces are all machined with the Alum. block clamped to the mill table.

    I drilled and counter bored the big block fron the bottom side and drilled and tapped to fasten the bubble levels in.

    This first pic. is a fan being checked, that I have made a new hub for.

    This next pic shows a bubble level that was put in to set the beams level.

    This pic is the over view of the beam.

    One more pic showing the three screws that are used to level the beam

    A carpenters level is used to level the two beams to one and another.
    Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.

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    thats a nifty idea, I never done it that way.

    we had a different type of balancer and I have made pallet loads of suction fan rotors.

    one cheap way it to turn a little bung with a shoulder to push into the rotor leaving a shaft about 4 inches long hang out the fan back and then turn the end diameter to about .125 and face it dead flat.
    If the whole fan will stand on a shaft 4" tall with an 1/8" base it is good to go.

    I know a few other methods (like a pendelum and bettween centers)

    I love making fan rotors up too 30" they are a pain when you need a folklift to get them in the lathe and then keyseater.


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      They look like crap! I mean they should be green or black anodised then they would be super spiffy! I would turn some nice brass leveling screws for it too. No seriously - they are very nice but they need that extra touch to make them bling-bling (eye-candy) tools - nice hardwood case with a brass name plate to top it off - yeah!

      You should be able to use them to balance grinding wheels too.


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        Nice job, I have been thinking of making something for balancing for sometime now. This is a great idea, thanks.

        How do you balance grinding wheels?
        Gary Helmick


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          Thrud; I just never thought about brass screws and having them anodised. I like blue though.

          If you notice in the left back ground of the pic is a plywood box that they reside in. The box was going to be thrown in the trash, no way.

          Thanks for the other replays.
          Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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            Nice Charlie,
            A lot neater than the one I threw together from a Boggit and Scarper patent.
            I'll get some pics tomorrow when I get my camera back.

            I also owe some gear pics to certain people but lack a camera.

            John S.

            Keep collecting thos old planer blades I'll post a pic showing a good use for them to save $$'s

            Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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              Hey Charlie They look right On. Madman