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  • Newbe - lathe advice

    I am just getting started and find myself confused. It seems that lathes for the hobbiest range in size 4x10 to 7x14. My research (which confuses me more) says that I should buy the biggest and heavyist lathe I can afford and fit into my shop. So now I'm heading in the direction of the grizzly 9x19 ($750), Harbor Freight 9x20 (on sale for $599). That's the general idea. I'm sure there are lots of opinions-- will you share them with me? Thanks, Bob Smith Fruita, Colorado


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    You can easily do small stuff on a big lathe, but doing big stuff on a small lathe gets difficult.



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      Look for a used South Bend 9", and bring along a friend who knows how to check them out. If you live somewhere where used machine tools are scarce, or can't find anyone to help you, be easier for you to get a new machine and just start to use it and learn from it. I wouldnt limit hobby machines to just small 7" lathes, all the 9" and most 10" lathes fit that description.
      Bigger is better!


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        Take a look at this guys site,


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          Depends on what you want to do. Just look at RPM range, (The 9x20's have a rather fast slowest speed), threading capability, hole thru spindle, collet capability, etc. You may want to look at some machines and see what features are available so you can better spot what features may be lacking on a particular machine. plenty of stuff on the net about choosing a lathe.
          Good luck

          Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga


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            Good luck Rsmith, Topct is right that is a good site. Here are a few more if the 9x20 size is what you will be getting.Good Luck and Merry Christmas. I am in the same perdicament as you, only difference is that I have decided on a 12 x 36 size from all my research. Good Luck, Surfing can sure be fun.