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  • My Christmas Presents - pic links

    My annual Christmas presents. Speaking of things people can see themselves in. The candlesticks are two piece units, made to look like one. The snuffers are just a little thing I made for fun about three years back, my last four.

    My first attempts at photo posting

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    Nice, what technique did you use to polish them up?


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      Spiffy - but a bit smallish for a beer stein...


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        Beautiful indeed. How did you attach the bases to the candlesticks?



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          Nice!Brass rod or tubing on the candle snuffs?
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            You got Sam Adams beer?! You lucky guy! What's all that brass stuff in the way of drinking?


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              Very nice job even if they do hurt my eyes.
              Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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                Soooo...that's what "bling" looks like! Really nice work...too bad my wife saw it. "Can you make that?" Oh boy!!! Yup as soon as I get one of them "round tuit" deals.
                I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                  You need a new tool to make that



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                    I do like them. I think that a article for the magazine is in order. You should contact Neil at the magazine and inquire about the possibility. It isn't easy to get the first article put together, if you have never done that sort of thing, but if I can do it, so can you.



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                      Thank you for the good comments. The other "Christmas presents" pics will not come up on the school computers due to the "Net Nanny" blocking of some sites, this is quite random and poorly thought out...but I digress and such.....

                      On another site I was asked for a materials list, methods, drawings, and such on how to do this, and in January I will come up with this. There is a little "trick" to the attaching the heads properly. Hope to post this all. Tim, I may take you up on this one.

                      BTW, this is a combination CNC and manual project, but mostly on the manual. I have many more candlestics on manual.

                      The machining is 8 steps total, 3 CNC. Not process, this is handling and major steps. Tooling, fixturing is a huge thing on these items.

                      The polishing is 12 steps. First I machine to finish with a .008 rad tool, 180 grit sanding, 240, 320, 400, 600 papers. Then clover compound 800 and 1000 grit. Buff with brown tripoli, red rouge, and white rouge, then a final buff with a dico flapped wheel using white chalkboard chalk, Final process is back to the lathe, I use 3-M chrome polish - the finest pink stuff at about $10.95 per can. Final step is attaching the green felt at the bottom (not pictured) with weatherstrip adhesive, then a final cleaning with good old charmin TP, the "no additives" / ultra stuff. I will send out pics of the finished product.

                      No finish preservatives, they tarnish and get the great patina of a well kept brass item - if they are well kept. I am thinking of a pure tung oil 5 coat finish rub on the lathe for future brass items (pure tung oil, not the homer formbys with the laquer additive for the false shine, pure tung gets very hard and shines like crazy). I did this on some gear shift handles i posted earlier this year, and the 4 wheel drive shifter has yet to get any tarnishing (the highly used shifter knob has that good looking hand used look).

                      Takes about 10 hours for the initial set, and add about 1 1/2 hours (min) for each additional set when done in bulk. For the four sets, I tracked time, 18 hours total.

                      The snuffers are 3/16 brass bent shaft, these are another story, all manual machined and jigged. This is probably the additional hours to make the 18 hours. Form tools in combination for the head and handle end.

                      I have made 5 different "lines" of candlesticks. Each I run for 100 sets, then end the "line". I have 93 sets on the current lime, and what was not shown, I engrane the bottom on the visable lip with a number (93/100). I will extend this current line to 150 sets due to waiting customers. Two more lines are in design right now, and out of the four other lines I have now, I have maybe 25 sets left total that can be made.

                      My wife designed the sets you saw on this post.

                      As for the "smallish beer stein". Thrud, this is my new workout technique. Used to lift bigger weights with less repetitions, my 20 ounce "stein'. However, I am now doing 12 ounce "reducing weight curls" with either arm (which ever gets the "bottle' faster). It is my understanding that more "reps" with less wieght helps build the muscle bulk faster ;-). However, instead of tremendous pecs, forearms, and biceps, all I seem to be building up is a "12 pack" (my wife say it is a case) on the abs., and it just aint pretty I am afraid. No grass to be mown, the beer piles on in strange ways when winter sitting becomes the rule.....

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                      CCBW, MAH


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                        Nice looking work, Spope.

                        Good description on the polishing, too. When I'm polishing brass, that's pretty close to how I do it.

                        I agree with Thrud; too small for a beer stein....

                        Andy Pullen
                        Clausing 10x24, Sheldon 12" shaper, Clausing 8520 mill, Diacro 24" shear, Reed Prentice 14" x 34"