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  • spring wire

    I made a spring winder for my lathe and bought an assortment of music wire from Enco. All
    of the wire is smaller than 3/32" Where else can one find larger dia. music wire assortments. Tried Google. Thanks. Cody

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    Try your local hobby shop that specializes in model air planes.

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      Brownell's sells (or used to) assortments of heavy spring wire.
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        Brownell's worked. Will check hobby shop too. Thanks


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          MSC sells spring wire in carbon and stainless
          in sizes from 0.006" to 0.125" in 1# lots.
          Victor Machinery sells
          same styled as music wire in carbon only
          but upto 0.180" in size. Hobby/model shops sell in 3' straightened lengths in sizes upto ~0.1" for reasonable prices. Steve

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            Try your local music store for the real thing, piano wire. Harder than the hobs of hell! Better still, if they tune/recon pianos, you can probably get em to save you old strings, maybe in exchange for a bit of machining. My old father in law was a machinist and piano tuner/rebuilder.
            Rgds, Lin


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              Oh yeah, another good source is yer friendly local electric bass player. Nice people most of em and nearly as smart as drummers.
              (bad muso joke, from a bad muso)