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Help with a spectraLIGHT mill

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  • Help with a spectraLIGHT mill

    I need a interface card (motion card, card that plugd in tto the computer) for a SPectraLIGHT mill. can anyone help

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    You will have to call Spectralight, aka Intelitek. Look for them in Manchester, NH. You will seldom find these elsewhere. You will also need the software to run the card. This will not be a cheap endaevour.

    What spectralight is this? I have the S200 mill, PC Control. The old "apple IIE" mills will not work with the new PC Card as far as I can tell. I used to have these as well, tried to patch something up, no go.

    If this is for education, let me know. I teach this stuff. I also deal with spectralight quite often, and can get you contact persons.



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      hey i need a pc card i have the newed version of the spectralight 200 do u have a pc card?


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        Sorry, mine is in use. Not sure how you would find one but through Spectralight / Intelitek at this point - they may have "rebuilds" available.
        CCBW, MAH


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          I suspect you already know the cost involved in bringing this system up will be high if you go this route.

          The card you are looking for is NOT a RS232 or a parallel card. I suspect that it is a RS422 card that was first used in the Apple II version of this system and a later form is used in the ISA bus in the IBM computer. As IBM PCs became the norm, the software was also ported to this platform. Both of these items are proprietory and expensive. Anyone who has them knows what they are worth in the used market.

          In my experience, by the time you buy the card and the software (both that are normally missing in Spectralight systems sold on Ebay) which will cost you close to a $1000. It is far more cost effective to adapt the Sherline lathe/mill to the more current competing offerings. One is the Sherline offered CNC system. Others are available. Final cost is dependent on how much you build versus how much you buy. There is a Yahoo group SherlineCNC that is an excellent resource.

          Good luck and enjoy the journey,



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            I have to add in here again. I had some of the Apple IIe Spectralights, and over time, the IIe's went bad. I did the 'adaptation' over to another less expensive control, complete with servos. Spent about $850 on the mill as I recall. The software was at best lacking, and the machines hav never worked quite right since, as the whole system is cumbersome. Tool offsets are beyond me, and I teach CNC and operate and program on a daily basis. There really is no cutter comp. feeds are also quite an issue. However, I do use this mahine, and the software on two mills I have (one an Emco F1 I adapted).

            I am not a salesman for Spectralight, though believe they have an excellant and very user friendly. My recommendation is to spend the few extra dollars for the "right stuff", especially if you have the machine to start with. As noted, I have both the Spectra, and the Sherline type (though not the exact software) CNC control, and find the Spectralight to be better software, and more responsive steppers (which match the card). The Spectra software will also do surfacing, and hold very long programs, and programs like fanuc. The other holds about 300 lines give or take, then programs have to be chained.

            My only thing to add here though is this. If this is a hobby machine, and your uses are such that you will not be over demanding, and perhaps the only user, then the alternate item may be right for you. It would be to your advantage to get the stepper models and such on the machine before looking for cards and controls, you may save money on this.

            I will answer questions via e-mail if you like. Will help as i can
            CCBW, MAH


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              hey, about the spectralight milling machine, i need the drivers for it, does anybody have them?