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BRAZING...The correct way.

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  • BRAZING...The correct way.

    If work be thin, then you must make a loam.
    Taking 2 parts clay and 1 part horsedung.
    Mix them well together, warp yore parts, then place in fire.
    Joseph Moxen, ca. 1684.
    Now, who has been doing it correctly?

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    That's the way I've always done it.

    (...that's usually what it looks like too. ie horsedung!)
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      What? You mean there is another way????
      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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        I forgot to mention: "by hand", nothing about washing later.


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          I was supposed to have a horse?



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            This might come as a surprise.. But they use genuine Horse dung in the sealing on the hydro electric power plants here. Shovel it right into the stuffing boxes. Not just any dung either, it comes from a special farm where the finest horses are fed the finest blend of foods. It seals up the turbine shaft where very little water escapes. Sure enough they pay a premuim for it too.

            Looks like plain old horse apples to me.

            About thirty or so years ago, I had this two faced girlfriend who was always looking for a better deal. (among my friends) I found for her in the most beautiful heart shaped box, Horse apples in wrappers, each individually wrapped in it's own wrapper. Her sister didn't believe that was what it was and got out one to eat.. Boy was she surprised.
            Later that female chased me down the interstate whilst I was on a motorcycle, I went between trucks, cars and guardrails up the shoulder to get away from her. She hit several cars while chasing me in her Daddy's car and had the police after her for weeks. I was so mean to her?

            I guess when the nurse broke up with me on Christmas day that time I deserved it? huh? That broke my heart. I had bought her a Pink motorcycle helmet for a Christmas gift, I can see it for miles. I go the other way when I do. AND, that was over ten years ago.. Her exact words were, I need some space.. MY reply, is a hundred miles enough? I went to Nashville to visit some wild Dancers I knowed / tattooed for a few days.

            Well, Horse apples.. It's a wonder I ain't dying of aids.. Life is so much better now.
            Just how do you braze with horse apples? they don't burn but just a minute or two?